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 Example of a Bankai Training

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Example of a Bankai Training Empty
PostSubject: Example of a Bankai Training   Example of a Bankai Training Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 5:18 pm

I walk to the underground training chambers of the 11th division. "Lets see umm, Devistate their souls...Yami." I release my sword. I sit down and consentrate and i tear my soul from my body and into my sword.
Moments later I awoke to see my manifestation, a pale white man with red eyes that have the look of bloodlust. "Again you seek a way to become stronger...and yet again you annoy me you insulent scum" "Who do you think you are talking to...huh Yami! I am your master!" After I said those last words Yami move with great speed and grabbed my throat and slammed me to a wall"You will talk to me with respect!Yami spat in my face "If you want me to be stronger...give me bankai!!" "To obtain my bankai you must do many difficult tasks"

"Lets begin these tasksi grabbed Yami's wrist and threw him off"As you wish but if you fail...You die."
"Ok lets go."I start walking to the middle of the field that we are in "Try and find the real me out of these swords, and be warned you will be fighting me and your inner demons" Once he finished his words, swords and hollows appear everywhere "I guess i have alot of inner demons hehe lets go."I jump at Yami and hit him in the face but at the same time he grabs my arm and tosses me aside like nothing "You cannot win against me without a blade...find it" "Damn im trying...A thought accured in my head..."what if the sword is the effect of the death of my fears?"
I jump to a hollow "Hadou 31 Piercing Shadow Sword!" At the end of the spell the hollow is obliterated. but then it reappears "I guess you cant kill a fear like that." I jump back before the hollow can attack me, but at that moment i see writing on its back
"Whats this?'i said as i shunpoed on his back
"Awesome this tells me what the fear is, but this isnt my fear...Oh noI stare at Yami you absorb people's fears...?"
"Their fears are my strength without them you are nothing HAHA" I jump to hollow after hollow to see what each fear is, until i find my number one fear...the fear of being unable to control Yami "I see fear in your eyes..." I stab my hand into the hollow, which forces its reitsue in me and then out which brings terrible pain to my body "AGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I pull the blade out of the hollow which ends up killing it. This seemed like an ordinary zanpakuto but with more power "Is this really you...Yami?"
"It is but do you have the power to pull me out of the guard? If you can find a way you will be able to defeat me, but until i come" Yami speeds up to me with the same blade but his was in a guard also "Damn, he's fast." I block the blade but im tossed aside with the raw power "Bring out your animal instincts"

I jump back away from him and i start to pull at the blade and guard but it would not budge "Damn open up!"
"Too slow!" At that moment Yami stabbed me in the chest with the blade he pulled out of the guard "ugh..." I black out into a dream, in this dream i see lions about to attack a herd of antelope. I see the way they move and the way the breath. I also see that they are not hesitant and that their fears are gone. I reach out but my hand turns black, and i realize its a black glove

"Die...Yami!" I pull the blade out and stab Yami through the throat "You have completed the first task...You have recieved the blade of your bankai"

I stare at the blade in my hand "i did it i have bankai! Woo!"
"Not so fast, that is the blade but you need the strength for the rest of it" "What do you mean?"I said with a hubris tone "You must now fight and train with that sword" At that instant the blade and i fell to the ground due to the 1000 times gravity
" ..expect" "If you learn to fight with 1000 times gravity then fighting anywhere will be like a walk in the park, you will move with the light, that you keep away"

I start to train for days, weeks, months and finally i was able to walk but not run "This is a start i guess...hehe." "You must train faster as time goes on your body in the real world is unattained to"
5 more months pass and now i am using my shunpo in the gravity, i have also learned about the hidden vast of reitsue in me "Am i ready?" "Try the sword if you are then you can pick it up" i walk to my sword and i put my hands on the hilt. Even though the blade was in the guard it still pierced through the ground like there was no guard. "Here goes nothing." I lift the blade with a little trouble, but with more movement it started to feel like a feather in my hand "This weight you feel is because of your reitsue, with other people's fear in you, it increases your strength and speed"

I start to spar with Yami and i keep up with his speed but still i was not in my complete bankai But I keep slipping my movements because i am not fully in tap with the animal instincts of the bankai

As my mind started to fade back into my body in the 11 division training grounds...After months of preparing i achieve full bankai...

i awake in the basement "Bankai
My robes change to a blue over coat, i recieve black gloves, my zanpakuto is the same as was against Yami, also my automail leg changed into what looked like a gauntlet
"I'm ready...."

I stare around and i tear my soul once again into my zanpakuto. I begin to run after Yami using shunpo to move me in a zig-zag motion towards him. I jump in the air and strike down, but with Yami's speed he blocks my attack.
"Teach me more..."
I run after Yami again but this time i slide on the ground...the automail right leg that i have looks like a gauntlet that is black and white with what looks like sharp claws, more like a bear's foot. With the leg i was able to slide along the ground and jump up in one quick motion. And with that movement i use my leg to kick at Yami's chest. I connect and push him back while leaving a gash in his chest. After Yami slides a little, he jumps at me and uses a move that traps me a sphere of reitsue and then with a high velocity move he attacks me with his bare blade "I need that" I jump back and look at every angle of me. I notice how that even with a sharp blade my virant blue over coat is still in one piece and that my black gloves glow with my reitsue flowing through them. My clothes are light and loose so that my fast movements are not restricted. I stare too long and i realize that Yami is running after me, so i pull my guard up to block him and i push Yami away. Yami once again uses that same attack but i spot a trail of reitsue and i dodge it. I figured that if i push reitsue out i can keep a good track on my target and use my speed against them. "I know you're little trick"
I focus my reitsue towards Yami, i use shunpo but Yami is still able to block my attack. I figured there was a way to do it, but i just didnt know how. I study Yami's hand movements and sword movements, until it clicked. I focused my reitsue to my blade and my gloves guided the reitsue to Yami, and when i released the reitsue stored i shunpoed to him and my sword had a mind of its own and attacked Yami several times."Your not the only one with that trick now... Judgement Cut"
I jump back and prepare for another attack at Yami. I had noticed that when i gather reitsue my automail glows with light. I gather my reitsue towards my leg and i run at Yami and i push of the ground and i start to flip with a high velocity..Helm Breaker. My attack hits Yami several times and causes multiple wounds "This is the power that this leg gives me."
"You wont get away with this!"
I jump back once again to see Yami's next move but he just sits there staring at me. "You have obtained your powers, but many years will it take for you to master them.Those were the last words that i heard from Yami before my soul went back to its body

A month later i return to Yami. I looked around to see where he was until i noticed he was behind me. I jump back and stared at him...he was different he looked like Bankai. "Bankai." And once again that familiar strength that i feel and embrace the power. I dash at Yami once again with my zanpakuto in its guard once again not taking it out i strike at Yami's arms to make them immobile. But that was a bad move on my part, i forgot that Yami also had what looked to be my bankai, he picked up the automail leg and kicked me hard in the chest. "Ugh..*cough cough*..blood...."
I jump back and put reitsue into my blade and i look at Yami.."I have enough reitsue in the blade so i can cut you to pieces."
I release the reitsue and 3 spheres attached to Yami and with lightening speed i attacked him several times. With that attack Yami fell to his kness. "You are becoming stronger but you still havent mastered your technique." Yami did the same trick but more spheres attached to me and he did not have to move.
"Agh" I fell to the ground but kept myself up with my zanpakuto. I pulled the zanpakuto out of the guard and shunpoed behind Yami and backslashed at him. Which i connected but with the automail he kicked me back. My blade fell out of my hands. I got up and Shunpoed in the air having my automail leg out the farthest and i start to spin in a wheel like motion..."HELM BREAKER!" Yami's blade broke at that point but also my blade was tossed aside. "I guess we will fight with our hands.
At that moment we both started to punch and kick each blocking and trying to deal blows. I put reitsue into my hands and i start releasing and absorbing making mini-explosions but Yami still is able to block my moves, he was like a mirror image of me. This was going to be a challenge. I jump back and grab my blade, but Yami has none so i charge at him with great speed zig zagging in all directions confusing his movements. He seemed intent on killing me, so this was a fight of life and death. I start to release my Dimension slashes all around Yami to create a sphere around him, and i collect reitsue into the blade and shunpo forward and cut the area in all directions. The sphere disappears and i start to fall i used alot of reitsue to make that attack happen. I look behind me and i see Yami standing with cuts all over but not major, just minor. "Agh why..." Yami resonded,"You have not mastered your techniques enough to harm me yet...and if you kill me then you die...haha." I jump back for one final move..."Judgement reitsue is combined to my blade and i Released a sphered column at Yami, which pushes him back and cuts him. "I think i will take it from here...from now on." I return to my body which needed some rest.
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Example of a Bankai Training
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