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 Dante's Bankai Training [ST]

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Dante's Bankai Training [ST] Empty
PostSubject: Dante's Bankai Training [ST]   Dante's Bankai Training [ST] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2009 9:22 pm

Dante walks down to the training void underneath the 10th Division's HQ. He pulls out his zanpakuto and throws it into a wall. He had to punish Sparda for his disobedience. Sparda was appearing out of the zanpakuto too many times without permission. It was time for him to submiss to Dante. Sparda appears all of a sudden and slams Dante through a wall. He then looks towards Dante with a menacing glare. "Why be mean to me, Dante?” “You’ve over played your “power” over me,” Dante glared at him, “It is time you learn who is in control!” He charged towards Sparda with a furious glint in his eye, he looked hell bent on conquering Sparda and mastering Bankai. He reached him in three strides and grabbed him by his neck and threw him into the ground. Sparda laid there wondering how Dante could think that he could control him. He jumped up and punched Dante square in the chest, sending him flying back, crashing into a wall. “You think you can control me!” Sparda roared at him charging at Dante with such speed he look almost as if he was flying, “You will never control me you weakling!” When Sparda reached Dante he shunpo’d behind him and slammed both his feet into his back, launching himself back across the room. “I am not a weakling anymore, Sparda!” he shouted back at the demonic creature, “I will show you that I WILL control you and I WILL achieve my goal!” He reached where he had thrown Gun Tenshen into the wall; he grasped the handle and ripped it out of the wall with such force that bits and pieces of the wall went flying everywhere. Sparda stood up and glared at Dante with a new hate for the man, he had just realized that Dante truly held the power to conquer him. It was a loving hate that he felt for the man, he admired the fact that Dante had finally realized his true potential and power, but hated the fact that he would no longer be able to control such power, but before he totally lost that control over Dante’s power, he would push him to the limit to help him achieve Bankai.

Sparda charged Dante with a copy of Gun Tenshen drawn, “PROVE YOUR SELF TO ME!” he roared as he began a barrage of slashes aimed at Dante’s whole body, in total around 500 slashes. Dante, still wielding the original Gun Tenshen, tried to block Spardas’ barrage to no avail. He was slammed into back into the wall, knocked out of breath by the sheer number of blows. He stood up covered with numerous skin deep cuts. “You think that’s going to stop me?” he questioned Sparda with a menacing glare in his eyes. He gripped Gun Tenshen with both of his hands, and shunpo’d to Sparda’s left side aiming a devastating slash with enough force to kill a normal person. But Sparda would have none of that, not if Dante wanted Bankai. With a single flick of his wrist, he thrust his sword in front of Dante’s expecting it to stop him from being hurt, but Dante had shunpo’d to his other side at the last moment leaving Sparda unsuspecting and vulnerable. Sparda noticed Dante at the last second, and he used his arm to block the attack. Blood trickled down Sparda’s arm, slowly. Dante pushed himself back before Sparda could do anything in return. With the sight of his own blood Sparda, yelled in anger and his fake zanpakuto flared with reitsue and he charged at Dante with extreme force. Dante dropped his zanpakuto and used both of his hands to use one element each. With his right hand using the lightning element and his left hand using the earth element, he created a metal wall to protect him from Sparda’s attack. As Sparda’s blade hit the metal he spun around to hit Dante in the head. Dante ducked down and slid underneath Sparda manipulating the metal to follow him. He pushed himself up off the ground and made a crescent jump over Sparda and wrapped the metal wall around him, capturing him. Sparda was immobile, but he somehow managed to escape the metal trap. As Dante jumped back over Sparda, to retrieve his zanpakuto, Sparda grabbed his ankle and threw him against a wall. Sparda grinned at Dante and ripped his hand into Dante’s chest. The wound started to flow with blood, which ignited Dante’s blood lust. With his rage darkness started to surround them and he was using it to weave in and out, above and under, and all around Sparda. Dante’s wound was temporarily closed with the darkness that was concentrated into one area. He then back flipped to get his zanpakuto and he swung it at Sparda who was caught off guard. The power from the swing sent Sparda back into the ground. Dante without even focusing created the wood element to bind Sparda to the ground to make him stop struggling as he made the final kill. As Dante brought his sword down upon Sparda, a blast of aura wrapped around the both of them. Dante became distracted by the mix of all of the elements that made up the aura, so Sparda used this to his advantage and

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Dante's Bankai Training [ST]
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