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 Sai Sakata

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Sai Sakata
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Sai Sakata

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PostSubject: Sai Sakata   Sai Sakata Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 6:05 pm

Name: Sai Sakata

Age: 500

Visual Age: 28

Race: Shinigami

Human Life
Sai was born during the Edo period of Japan. When leaders such as Nobunaga Oda and several others vicious rulers were trying to rule Japan and unify it under one rule. Sai himself, was enlisted in the army of Nobunaga himself. An accomplished swordsman since birth, Sai was a valuable member in Nobunaga's army, and was recognized several times over. His care free and kind personality to his subordinates, and women made him popular among the army, causing Nobounaga to promote him to his right-hand man and personal bodyguard. He was privileged to ride alongside Nobunaga within his carrier when going places and he would be placed next to Nobunaga alongside him during battle so he could protect him. His skill with the sword was remarkable even during that time period and successfully fended off numerous assassination attempts on Nobunaga. That was, until an officer betrayed Nobunaga. The officer attack Nobunaga's HQ of Edo, and Sai fought face to face with the officer, but the officer fled and when Sai followed, he was surrounded by a line of musketeers who shot Sai, killing the strongest officer of the Nobunaga army instantly.

Soul Society Life
Briefly after his death, Sai found himself in the wondrous world of Soul Society. He briefly lived in Rukon district 88, doing odd jobs to make a living. His life would remain like this until when one day, a bloodthirsty swordsman by the name of Echizen Kuru was terrorizing several civilians and killing them in sword matches. This was until he challenged Sai to a fight to the death. He only gave Sai a wooden sword while Echizen used a real sword. Displaying his amazing swordsmanship, he easily defeated his opponent, despite being restrained to a wooden sword. He didn't kill him however, and decided that Echizen's lost would teach him a lesson. After this battle, a spectator recommended that Sai go to Sereitei and enlist in the Shinigami Academy, which was relatively new in the region. After saying his goodbyes, Sai journeyed to Sereitei and enlisted within the Academy. He held on to the wooden sword that Echizen gave him during their spar, and amazingly, the proctors accepted him within the Academy, sensing the potential within the sword. Sai was noticed almost instantly with his adept swordplay, he also was recognized with his Kidou ability. He was however, lazy and slacked off a lot, causing him not to graduate as early as he could of. Though, his kind nature made him an ideal leader and he was affable to many people within the academy. Sai finally graduated after his 3rd year in the Academy, a high feat during the time, and enlisted within the 3rd Squad, and worked his way up toward Captain rank.

Sai has fair skin and his body composition is that of a slender, lanky individual. He does not have bulging muscles or a 6 pack in his abdominal, but he's not to overweight, possibly having a perfect balance between the two extremes. His hair is light blue, but some say that it's more white. His hair is exceptionally curly, something that made him stick out from the crowd during his academy days. He stands at 5'10 and weighs 170 lbs. His eyes are an aqua blue, perhaps reflecting the power that his zanpaktou may possess.

His outfit consist of the usual standard shinigami gear of the long extended black robes and and the traditional sandals that come along with the even more traditional outfit. However, he wears a white partially open robe over the traditional shinigami clothing. This white robe has blue wave like designs that are designed as some sort of ocean swirls over the lower sleeve area of his left arm, and downwards to where it stops over his sandals. His obi, which stretches along his waistline, is of a purple color, reflecting the former squad he was with when he was within the Academy when the squad would work together during hollow simulation exercises.

Sai is a very easy going and carefree guy. He's easy to talk to and he's very nice to others. He never takes life to seriously and doesn't lose his cool under various serious situations, especially ones in which may cause several other people around him to lose their cool. Despite the way Sai looks, he actually loves to eat. This may be so because of the fact that while he lived in the Rukon District 88, he didn't eat very much. Since he had lived in Sereitei, he was grown accustomed to eating quite a bit. His favorite meal is gravy covered white rice under fish, since fish is his favorite food.

Division: 3 Captain

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Sai Sakata
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