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 Kidou Template

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PostSubject: Kidou Template   Kidou Template Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 1:30 pm

Name: (Name of the technique. Japanese name, English translation)

Number: (Number, the higher the number, the more powerful. Even seated shinigami should have trouble performing any technique over 50. Make sure that the number isn't taken by another.)

Category: (Bakudou or Hadou)

Incantation: (What you have to say to perform, English is fine.) (note: no incantation no kidou)

Range: (range of your kidou)

Effect: (Self-Explanatory... do not want any Naruto-verse things for this.)

Duration ( for bakudo only ): (how long will your bakudo lasts? state it with number of posts)

Other details [optional]: more details about your kidou
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Kidou Template
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