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 Kiara's Zanpakuto

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Character's Name:: Kiara Evean

Kiara's Zanpakuto Empty
PostSubject: Kiara's Zanpakuto   Kiara's Zanpakuto Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 12:47 am

Name: Keiyouraion

Manifestation: A winged male Lion,
Kiara's Zanpakuto Holy_Lion_by_PearlEden

Release Phrase: " Take flight, Keiyouraion!"

Owner: Kiara Evean

Element: Wind

Level: Bankai

Appearence: Sealed form:
Kiara's Zanpakuto Short_Sword

Released Form:
Kiara's Zanpakuto Hk1447-390

Kiara's Zanpakuto Shuken


1. Heart Wind: Whenever the sword is moved quickly, a burst a wind will erupt in the same direction as the sword points.It can
send a normal weighing human back 20 ft. but changes with weight.

2. Flight of the Eagle: Sends large wall of thick fog/air in front of Kiara, it can protect against most normal attacks from a sword, but is easily broken with large spiritual attacks.

3. 16 Winds of the Desert: Kiara favored technique, her zanpakuto breaks apart into 16 separate swords connected by a string of spiritual energy. with a quick and easy move of her fingers she can control all, half, or one sword at a time. this technique takes a lot of talent and balance, both in body and mind.

4. Shards of the East Wind: This creates around 400 thick shards of rock, very sharp and pointy, that are aimed at the target, they normally only miss if the wind blows strongly in the opposite direction.

5. Wind Tunnel: Just as the title says, its a huge tunnel of 100+ mph winds, pointed at the target, sends the target flying back at immense speeds.

6. Coffin of the South Wind: Creates a small bubble-like coffin, that encases the target. Then by the users command the air in the coffin is drained so that there is no air, causing the target to suffocate to death. Rarely this is escaped unless water is filled into the coffin, then the bubble will burst and allow said target to escape.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiara's Zanpakuto   Kiara's Zanpakuto Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 1:42 am

since im a mod, i guess i can do this, approved, but in my opinion i think you should make the first one stronger, like adding that it has high velocity and can cut the person up something like that
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Kiara's Zanpakuto
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