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 Koori's Kidous

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PostSubject: Koori's Kidous   Koori's Kidous Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 2:17 pm

Name: Koutetsu Kurisutaru Koppu (Armor of Crystal Glass)

Number: 40

Category: Bakudou

Incantation: Snow and ice, nature's element of new begining protect my from mine enemines and help me vanquish my foe.

Range: user's body

Effect: Creates armor made of reiatsu and that shines so brightly it seems like crystal glass. The armor can only be pierced with reiatsu based attacks or by an opponent with an obviously larger amount of reiatsu.(so kido work, certain zanpaktou effects, cero, quincy arrows.....)

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Tonzura (Escape)

Number: 10

Category: Bakudo

Incantation: I refuse to be beholden, I refuse to be held. Let me be as nimble as a theif, and cause my opponent's hold on me to cease.

Range: 10 ft Radius

Effect: This Kido gives the user the ability to get out of all low level binding kido.(1-30). Kido of any higher levels will not be broken by this kido unless 1/3 of the user's reiatsu is used in the process(31-60). Any kido higher than that will not be affected by this kido.


Name: Hateshiganai Aisu Haka(Eternal Ice Tomb)

Number: 50

Category: Bakudo

Incantation: Like a vampire or any undead you must be put to rest, now sleep eternally in your frozen tomb.

Range: Can hit opponent from any range as long as caster can see them.

Effect: An all or nothing attack in which incredible spikes of ice converge on the enemy impaling them and trapping them in a spiked ball made of ice. The amount of spikes is about 100. Once the ice ball is formed the target is frozen solid and the ball shatters along with the target. Problem is flame zanpaktou still have a large advantage over this technique and if the attack misses it cant be used agian in the same fight.
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Character's Name:: Taiken Radnix

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PostSubject: Re: Koori's Kidous   Koori's Kidous Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 3:31 pm


"If you ask me what is the most important to me, you or my life? I'll choose my life then you'll leave without knowing you're my life"

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Koori's Kidous
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