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 Koori's Zanpaktou

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PostSubject: Koori's Zanpaktou   Koori's Zanpaktou Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 2:08 pm

Name: Kyousei Aisu Urufu(Great Ice Wolf)

Manifestation: Koori's Zanpaktou Maglot10

Release Phrase: "Hunt Kyousei"

Owner: Tatsujin Koori

Level: Shikai and Bankai

Sealed: Koori's Zanpaktou Katana11

Koori's Zanpaktou Black_12

Wakizashi=smaller sword=the wolf while the katana has ice spikes all around the blade.

[Technique 1]
Wakizashi becomes a 7ft tall wolf made of ice with amazing speed and strength. It coordinates attacks with Koori. The wolf cannot be slain instead you have to strike it down enough times so that Koori has no reiatsu to call it forth agian.(about 5 times, but without that the tech lasts 8 posts). Koori can give commands as he pleases but the wolf can also make its own discisions on how to best eliminate the opponent.

[Technique 2]
Creates a blizzard that has a radius of half a mile(2640 ft) if used with technique one but a full mile radius if used alone. Using this tech with another means this lasts 2 posts, using it alone means it lasts fot 6. The blizzard messes with the opponent's vision, clows down reaction time due to the extreme temperatures, and the snow particles can move according to how Koori wants them to. The blizzard draws strength from the amount of precipitation in the air or if in certain places can draw on the spirit particles in the surrounding enviroment.

The Wolf in Bankai:Koori's Zanpaktou Ninja_10

His bankai effect increases his personal stats and the effect of his shikai techniques increasing their size and strength. A wolf skin covers his head (sort of like when Renji goes bankai and has the fur and looks like this:)Koori's Zanpaktou 8a20ad10
the swords he carries become ninja claws much like Ryu Hyubasa's however they are blue and if the claw stabs you the wound becomes frostbitten immediately. In Bankai, Koori has complete control over snow and ice allowing him to throw it at his opponent, or use it to protect himself.

I may scrap this idea and try a different one but for now this is what i have.

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PostSubject: Re: Koori's Zanpaktou   Koori's Zanpaktou Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 3:25 pm


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Koori's Zanpaktou
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