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 Fritz of the Guitar Blade

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Number of posts : 2
Age : 29
Location : Somewhere where I'm playin' my guitar
Registration date : 2010-12-20

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PostSubject: Fritz of the Guitar Blade   Fritz of the Guitar Blade Icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 4:27 pm

Name: "Fritz"Gerald Kuli

Aliases/Nicknames: Only likes to be called by Fritz

Age: 29

Visual Age: 19

Race: Shinigami

History: When he was a human, he was known as "diablo de la guitarra" which stands for in Spanish "Devil of the Guitar". He was known as that, because everywhere Fritz went, he took his guitar. Some people didn't like the fact that he brought everywhere and tried to take it away. Everyone who tried went to the hospital with a broken rib and maybe a concussion, because Fritz used the guitar to beat them up. After the incident where he beat up more than 100 security guards when he was trying to go from Miami, Florida to Tokyo, Japan with that same guitar, people placed a "hit" on him. As soon as he arrived in Tokyo, he was shot point blank in the face with a .45 caliber magnum. Next thing Fritz knew, he became a soul, and apparently took his guitar with him into the afterlife (in short, his guitar became so dear to Fritz, that the guitar itself became a soul version of itself). Almost immediately, Fritz was surrounded by 10 hollows. Fritz didn't flinch when he saw their ugly bodies/forms and killed them with his guitar. Three days later, a shinigami came upon him while Fritz was killing 3 more hollows, but Fritz killed them all before the shinigami could even draw her sword. The shinigami asked Fritz his name, and he just said, "Just call me Fritz." Then she gave him a Konso (forgot how to spell it, sorry).
As soon as Fritz reached to soul society, he was recruited to become a shinigami. Fritz barely passes Soul Academy and is entered into the 13 court guard squads. He then joins Squad 10 (If I can join).

Appearance: Practically the same look as my avatar, except the hair is black and silver...

Personality: Crazy, Unexpecting, Compassionate, Nice, Happy-go-Lucky, Smart, Very Oblivious to many things, Loud, and random. If you are on his bad-side, you better be smart and run away, because he can be vicious, merciless, and deadly.

Division/Ex-Division: Hopefully Squad 10
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Fritz of the Guitar Blade
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