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 Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD}

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Nakai _T
Nakai _T

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Character's Name:: Nakai Toranaki

Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD} Empty
PostSubject: Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD}   Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD} Icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 3:51 am

Name: Nakai Toranaki

Age: 235

Visual Age: 23

Race: Vizard

Appearance: Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD} Nakai2
African Japanese(mother black - father japanese ), Locks(one white lock), light brown eyes, Muscular build, Tattoo on face(looks like the end of a sword), Fang like canine teeth

Division/Ex-Division: Ex-2nd Division

Crushes: He mostly watches Yoruichi, it may not be because he likes her but is watching her moves and learning.Maybe/Maybe Not/Maybe Both.

Personality: Nakai is more or less lazy when it comes to free time, he may be an extensively skilled person but given the chance he will go lay down somewhere quiet. His friends are more important to him than his own life, so if it comes down to him or his friends, he will sacrifice anything for there safety(1 downfall).When it comes to girls he is shy and often stays quiet while around them, but if he knows you and IS comfortable he can be perverted(gained this from hanging out with Shunsui). His sarcasm is childish though humorous at times it ruins perfect moments.When it comes to fighting he doesn't play around if he has the chance to kill you he will with no hesitation, Nakai does not listen to orders when in fights even though it may put his friends or the mission in danger, most likely the reason he works closely with Soifon on most assignments.


Red mixed with Dark Yellow

Tiger hea when enough reiatsu is released



Dual Blade/Fire Type

Sealed Form
Twin Blades

Hand Claw Weapons (both hands)


Abilities: Being part of the 2nd Division he was an expert in Hand-to-Hand combat and Shunpo/Hoho. He is a very exceptional swordsman at using twin blades, you will never see his bankai because he doesn't want to show off. He can fight for a long time because he trains everyday.

Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Spiritual Power
Reiryoku Absorbtion
Mask Shielding
Power Augmentation

31- Shakkaho
4- Byakurai
11- Tsuzuri Raiden

81- Danko

History: How He Died

Nakai was a lowly warrior in a clan that hated his existence but tolerated him because his mother was the daughter of the clan leader. They were at war with a rival clan over land. Nakai was very skilled despite his low rank, so his grandfather sent him in on a recon mission. He infiltrated the enemies compound and gathered the information needed and returned home to report. The next day he and his friend sparred on the training ground and a couple of the other teenagers started picking on him, of coarse he could have beat them up easy but he didn't want to break the peace so his friend stepped in and said " As long as im here we are as brothers and no one will ever hurt you,even if you can kick they're ass." Some time later the same clan that Nakai had gathered information from advanced toward his home. When the war started he fought side by side with his friend. They slayed enemies left and right until someone from the other army got the upper hand on his friend, he blindly ran to his aid but in the midst of the confusion he was hit by an arrow in his heart.

Soul Society

After his death he was confused about everything, he slept many days wasting time. After awhile he started to wonder around helping people in need. Some time pasts and he was gaining a reputation, people were recommending that he tried out for soul society, he was skeptical at first but then he saw the opportunity to help more people and decide to join. In Shinagami Academy he excelled in Hado but was average in Bakudo, he graduated top of his class. Soon after he was asked to join Soi Fon as half of her Lieutenant he anxiously accepted, the ties of the Second Division to the Onmitsukido(Stealth Force/Covert Ops) were perfect for his skills. Around this time Shihoin Yoruichi took refuge in the Human world with Urahara Kisuke. Ukitake Jūshirō and Kyōraku Shunsui were fond of him because of his laid back nature, he usually snuck away from Soifon to drink sake with them and talk about miscellaneous thing , most of the time getting caught by his commander but Shunsei and Jūshirō cover for him.

a few years later.......

Nakai was on assignment deep in the forest searching for some shinigami that had gone missing after there recon mission to a suspicious underground hideout. When he arrives at the hideout he finds his dead comrades and sends a hell butterfly back to Sereitei to report what he has found. All of a sudden Tousen Kaname appears and cuts the hell butterfly. Nakai is surprised, draws his Zanpakuto' (Twin Blades). Tousen says "you were always a smart one it hurts me to have to kill you." Then as they take formal stances Aizen Soske and Ichimaru Gin come out of the hideout. "I would have never thought they would send you, how bothersome, but on the other hand I need a test subject for my new hollowfication method." Nakai is not shaken watching his surroundings. Aizen says "Well would you do the honors Tousen" he replies "as you wish." As they go at it Gin distracts Nakai and Tousen takes advantage cutting his chest exposing him to the Hogyoku. At first he is not effected because of his cool minded nature, but then it takes effect when they talk about how they will destroy Soul Society and rebuild it from the rubble.They leave him to finish his process, luckily Yoruichi came back occasionally to investigate weird happenings reported to her by Shiba Kukaku and brought Nakai back to the human world.

After the the third process was complete he seemed like the group before him but with strong r, due to Aizen's constant tampering with the Hogyoku. Nakai explained what had happened to Kisuke and Yoruichi and he worked closley with them for awhile but then eventually went his own.
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Nakai Toranaki{VIZARD}
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