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 Animalus Racorus

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PostSubject: Animalus Racorus   Animalus Racorus Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2009 2:11 pm

Hey guys this is a story I've been working on for the past two days.

Animalus Racorus
Book one of the Dark Transformation Series
Hi I’m Lucas Berndt and this is my story. A new drug hit the world that turned people part animal. This is the story of how my friends and I delved into this world and how we tried to find our way back out. The drug is known as Animal Racorus.
I walked into the dark alley way my friends had told me to meet them in. I called their names but they didn’t reply. I walked further into the alley way when I felt a shot of pain in my neck. I looked up to see my friend Tyler with an empty syringe in his hand. “What did you do to me?” This was the only thing I could say before IT started.
I felt scales start to cover my arms. This was weird. Then I remembered hearing something on the news. There was a new drug that turned people into half human half animal freaks. I had actually seen some people who had used the stuff. I never thought my friends would do it too, and now they were forcing me into it.
I looked up as I felt wings start to sprout from my back. My friends Tyler, Jackson, Nikki, and Jacqueline were now injecting themselves with the drug. I saw each one fall to the ground as their transformations began. I hoped they became animals that were ugly and would make them bigger freaks then the ones I had already seen.
My face began to elongate which was odd because no animal I had ever heard of fit the description of what was happening to me. Scales had completely covered my body. The wings now were growing a membrane to allow me to fly. Then claws started to shoot from my hands and feet. A tail started to sprout from my hind quarters. My vision faded into blackness as the transformation started to finish.
When I woke up my friends had completed their transformations but they were out cold. I laughed when I saw Nikki had become a cow. She was covered in spots and her skin was white. She had large udders, and that is how I knew she was a cow as soon as I saw her. Along with a tail she had also sprouted small horns along with large cow ears. Her butt had also grown to a huge size along with her legs. Not to mention her feet had become hooves and she now only had three thick fingers on each hand. Her breasts had grown and had four little spouts that were like her udders. Then I saw she was in a puddle of her own milk because she was leaking.
I then looked upon Jackson. He had become a horse. His face had elongated and he now had a mane. His hands and feet were hooves. He had also grown a long tail. He didn’t look that bad, but I thought like Nikki he would have a hard time on those hooves.
After seeing those two I thought the others would be just as bad. I turned to the person in the group that I thought would never betray me, Jacqueline. She was my girlfriend which made her going along with this that much worse. She was covered in scales and had large wings. Her face had elongated as well with large sharp claws on her feet and hands. As well as a long tail
I then remembered my own transformation I found a puddle of water and looked at myself. Jacqueline and I looked the same. I then realized what the drug had turned us into. We had become dragon people. I was amazed especially since dragons were mythological creatures.
Then I decided to see Tyler’s transformation. He was covered in black fur. He also had paws instead of hands and feet. I could quickly tell he had become a wolf. I thought that he was the luckiest of us all. The wolf was what most of the people who took the drug wanted to become. I had learned that on the news special as well.
My friends started to stir. Nikki and Jackson fell back to the ground after they stood up not knowing how to stand on hooves. Tyler and Jacqueline stood fine though. Jacqueline ran over to me crying telling me she never thought this would happen. I held her and told her it would be all right.
I then looked at the others. “What the hell were you guys thinking?! Did you think it was smart to turn yourselves and me into freaks?! You guys knew the transformations were random at best! I mean how could you think this was okay?! Look at me and Jacqueline! We’re big lizards!”
My friends looked down. Nikki was the first to speak. “We thought this would be fun. I mean when we saw that news special we thought it would be cool to see what would happen. We’re sorry we dragged you and Jacqueline into this.”
I looked at her incredulously. “You mean you didn’t do this just against my will but Jacqueline’s too? That is almost the worst part of this. I mean I thought that you guys doing it on purpose was pretty bad, but forcing not one but two people to do it too. This makes me sick.”
Tyler then decided to open his mouth. “You shouldn’t be trying to act like a saint in this. We know you wanted to do it. We saw how you looked at the people who had done it. Plus it’s not illegal so we definitely won’t be the last doing it.”
I stared at him incredulously but didn’t say anything. “What are you going to tell our parent’s about this?!” Tyler smiled which was really creepy with his new muzzle and steak knives of teeth. “Jackson and I figured that out in school today. We’ll say we were attacked by addicts who injected us with the drug.”
“You’re sick Tyler. I’m leaving. I’ll walk Jacqueline home, and for your sakes I hope you don’t follow me.” I started to walk away with my arm around Jacqueline. I tried to comfort her but it was no use. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop her crying.
I then heard hooves behind me and turned around my new fangs bared. Oh yeah earlier I forgot to tell you Jacqueline and I gained large fangs during our transformation as well. I saw Nikki and almost pounced on her. I remembered that she was the one who had apologized so I didn’t. She also was probably the worst off of us all.
“What do you want Nikki?” She started messing with her tail. “I wanted to go with you guys. I mean I live in this direction and I wanted to tell you both how sorry I am.” She then burst into tears. This didn’t help her any because she started leaking again as well. I went and put my arm around her. I was surprised when Jacqueline did the same thing.
“It’s fine Nikki. We know this wasn’t your idea.” Jacqueline said this in her soft voice that could comfort anyone. This helped calm Nikki and she soon stopped crying and leaking.
Nikki’s house was first so we told them the story of how this was Tyler and Jackson’s stupid idea. Her parents cried. They had decided to call Jacqueline and my parent’s, but we told them we wanted to break it to them ourselves.
Jacqueline and I then started off for her house. Since we no longer had Nikki to deal with we decided to test our new wings. It took us a while but we finally figured it out and were soaring through the skies. It was great, but it wasn’t right since we were only able to do this through Tyler’s stupidity.
We soon arrived at Jacqueline’s house and her parents came out running. We could tell by the way they had come out crying Nikki’s parents hadn’t listened to us. Both her parents tried to comfort us but we ended up having to comfort them.
They then said that there was going to be a meeting at my house. They also told us that they would give us a ride. This didn’t work to well. Jacqueline and I couldn’t fit because of our wings. I told Jacqueline’s parents we’d just fly over. Grudgingly they allowed us.
Jacqueline and I took off and were soon at my house. I never thought I wouldn’t want to enter my own home. I opened the door and walked in. My parents grabbed me. My mom was crying. I tried to comfort her but it didn’t work. My dad ended up having to peel her off of me so I could sit down.
When I sat down I saw that Jackson and Tyler’s parents were there. Nikki was sitting on one of our couches with her parents. She was wearing baggy clothes. Probably the only thing her family could find to fit her.
Jacqueline’s parents hadn’t arrived yet so we waited to start the meeting. It felt weird. I mean all eyes were pretty much on me and Jacqueline. I guess that was because we were the ones most drastically changed.
Jacqueline’s parents soon entered and the meeting got started. Jacqueline, Nikki, and I started to tell the story of our transformations. Nikki also told of how Tyler and Jackson had come up with the idea. All the parents were shocked and all the mothers started crying. I tried to comfort my mom but seeing a scaly version of her son didn’t help.
I decided I’d look for Tyler and Jackson because their parents told me that they hadn’t arrived home. Jacqueline tried to come to but I wouldn’t allow it. My parents decided before I left that everyone else could just stay here for the night. Before I left I helped hand out sleeping bags.
Then I started for the door. Before I could take off to look for the other two Jacqueline came out. “Lucas tell me you’ll be careful. The others could be really dangerous.” I nodded.
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Animalus Racorus
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