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 Sarrow's Transformation (Not Completed)

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Character's Name:: Sarrow Momochi

Sarrow's Transformation (Not Completed) Empty
PostSubject: Sarrow's Transformation (Not Completed)   Sarrow's Transformation (Not Completed) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 5:59 pm

Sarrow entered the spiritual barrier. He set down special seals and sits in the center of them. He then pulls out his zanpaku-to and slashes it down the wierd gauntlet on his right arm. A coccon of reiatsu envelopes him and he is forced into his inner world. He sees Ryuujin at the head of an army of dragons. "What the hell is this?" Ryuujin laughs. "If you want more power you must defeat us all." Sarrow pulls out his zanpaku-to and tries to release it but it won't. He curses his luck as the first dragon comes and slams him with its tail. He is slammed into the wall. He isn't as inured as he thought he was going to be. He charges the dragon and slashes its tail. The tail is hacked off and it screams in pain. Sarrow can feel some power come into his body. Sarrow then blocks another dragon's claws. Sarrow then shifts and fires a lightning kido through the first dragon's wing. He feels more enrgy serge through him and he can release his zanpaku-to. Sarrow then slashes the first dragon's head off. He felt that he could perform some of his techniques now and tries a Dragon of Flames at the second dragon. It putter out before it reaches the dragon and Sarrow is smashed into a wall again. Sarrow tries to form his mask but he is transferred into another part of his soul. It is as black as night and he couldn't see anything. He could here a vile laughing though. He then sees Subeta. "If it isn't Sarrow? You idiot. did you really think you could bring out your mask in a trial of power? Now for your trial at my hands." Subeta lunges at Sarrow his arms outstretched. Sarrow tries to dodge but Subeta grabs him. Subeta then starts clawing Sarrow. Sarrow breaks out but with long gashes all over his body. Sarrow forces himself through the pain and shoves his sword through Subeta. Subeta starts laughing. He wasn't expecting Sarrow to be able to fight back. His body disapears and Sarrow is back with the dragons.
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Sarrow's Transformation (Not Completed)
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