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 Jadoku's Weapons

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Jadoku's Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Jadoku's Weapons   Jadoku's Weapons Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 12:05 pm

Name: Python

Ability Name: Serpent's Skin

Ability: Increased strength and endurance. Also gives Jadoku a coating of barely visible scales, acting as sort of armor.

Description: Looks like this- Jadoku's Weapons Ian_masked

Name: Shoukyo

Manifestation: A large octopus like creature that has a snake tattoo on its head.

Release Phrase: Break down, Shoukyo.

Owner: Jadoku Sendo

Level: Bankai

Family: Metal

Appearance: Sealed: A normal katana.
Shikai: A metal whip shaped like a snake
Bankai: Becomes metal armor that Jadoku wears on his arm. Hold 8 long whips. Four in each. Each has a spearhead at the end.

Bite: The snake whip bites.
Choke: Jadoku uses the snake whip to choke the opponent.
Impale: Uses the eight whips to impale. BANKAI
Big Choke: A larger version of choke with eight whips. BANKAI
Fall: Shoots out the whip(s) upwards and it/they falls down on the opponent. Bankai and Shikai
Pillars: The whips get shot into the ground and they shoot out under the opponent. BANKAI

Jadoku's Weapons 1506537Jadoku's Weapons 1506541Jadoku's Weapons 1506548Jadoku's Weapons 1506549Jadoku's Weapons 1506551
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Jadoku's Weapons
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