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 Jadoku Sendo

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PostSubject: Jadoku Sendo   Jadoku Sendo Icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 11:40 am

Name: Jadoku Sendo

Age: 250

Visual Age: 23

Race: Vizard

History: He was originally a hollow that was always fighting and losing to shinigami. Then one day the Espada got an idea. They took the soul of a shinigami and put it in Jadoku, known as Python back then, as an experiment. The result was the current Jadoku. He now is one of Alado's closest assistants and friend.

Appearance: Jadoku Sendo Ian_ChessPiece Wears arrancar clothes.

Personality: Jadoku hates anyone who opposes the Arrancars, and won't hesitate to kill them. He listens to his master, Alado, whenever he is told to do something. He also loves animals, especially his pet bird, Peryton. He is usually upbeat, but when fighting, he is merciless.

Division/Ex-Division: None

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Jadoku Sendo
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