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 Alet Rondel [Shinigami]

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Alet Rondel
8th Division Captain
8th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Alet Rondel [Shinigami]   Alet Rondel [Shinigami] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 11:31 pm

(This is Victor, but I got bored so I made a secondary character Razz I'll be on both accounts equal amount of time, well Victor a little more since I'm an admin on that one.)

Name: Alet Rondel

Age: 139

Visual Age: 9

Race: Shinigami

History: As a child, Alet grew up lonely leaving him playing with his imaginary friend also known as his shadow. He names his imaginary friend Makie, the name of his first friend who moved away. This was when he was six and when he turned eight, he stopped talking to his imaginary friend, leaving him lonely and depressed. In the middle of the year he was diagnosed with a fatal disease and was given the rest of the year, six months to live. He spent these six months with his mom and dad traveling the world. From London to Tokyo, from Moscow to the Galapagos Islands, they went to as much places as they could. Three months had past since he was diagnosed and it was his birthday, nine years old. He spent his birthday in Ontario and past out on the floor while on a walk with his mom. They rushed him to the hospital but it was already to late, he had died, three months early.

Alet traveled around the world as a spirit for one year, following his parent wherever they went. Though they could not hear him, he kept talking to them, asking the same question over and over, 'Why wont you talk to me?' After a year a shinigami came and sent him to Soul Society, erasing his memories. When he got there he was taken care of by his new family for once year and in that year he watched as the shinigami did their work, he was amazed by the abilities of their blades. One day he was caught in the middle of a riot and was almost killed until the old captain of the eight divison saved him. From that day on he decided to follow in his foot steps and enrolled in the academy.

After years of working hard, he ended up graduating second in his class, also being the youngest one in his class. During his time at the academy he found his zanpaktou, her name was Makie, this brought back memories and he started talking to his zanpaktou who talked back. He quickly enrolled to the eighth division right after graduation and quickly worked his way up from tenth seat all the way up to lieutenant. His dream was complete, he was now beside the captain that he admired. After years of working along side his captain he witnessed his captains death, an espada killed him while on an assassination mission. Alet was able to make it out okay but he lost his captain. A year after, not being able to find replacements, the captain commander promoted Alet Rondel as the new captain of squad eight.

Personality: Though a rough past, Alet is usually always cheerful. Now that he has someone who will always talk to him, he barely gets depressed. The only time he will get depressed is when not with his zanpaktou. Alet's bright atitude sometimes gets on peoples nerves but people also find it amusing, though he is the youngest captain and gets hyper sometimes, he takes his job seriously.

Division/Ex-Division: Captain of the eight division please.

Alet is always wearing fashion goggle (goggle that you put on you forehead of on a hat, like what Naruto had at the beginning). His captains robe is a little too long so it covers his hands and sometimes he'll trip over it. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

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PostSubject: Re: Alet Rondel [Shinigami]   Alet Rondel [Shinigami] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 12:07 am

I say accepted Razz
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Alet Rondel [Shinigami]
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