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 Announcment: New Vizard Thing!

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Teketsa Kisuke
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Teketsa Kisuke

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Announcment: New Vizard Thing! Empty
PostSubject: Announcment: New Vizard Thing!   Announcment: New Vizard Thing! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 6:52 pm

I have read the new manga's and i beleive that with the approvement of the Admins. Vizards will obtain a new form. A Hollow form that Will temporarly give us the powers of a Espada and extreme power up. And a new mask (Mask is permanent) This will be extremely hard to achieve and if you want to know about it your gonna have to help me get approvation of the admins

Announcment: New Vizard Thing! Urahara-sig1
"Killed Once, Now Reborn."
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Announcment: New Vizard Thing!
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