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 Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn

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Character's Name:: Iosle Ocultado

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PostSubject: Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn   Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2009 5:35 pm

Name: Sougyou (Dawn)

Manifestation: The spirit within the blade are twins, They both are identical except for one of them are shorter then the other. They wear a black with red lining kimimo. They have Grey eyes, both are around 2. 56 in height and they weight around 125 lbs for both. They both have eatrings on their ears. One is skilled at Zanjetsu (sword fighting) while the other one is skilled at Hand to Hand combat.

Release Phrase: Take away Darkness... Dawn.

Owner: Iosle Ocultado

Level: Shikai

Family: Lightning


Sealed Description: In it's sealed form it is two short blades, one is longer then the other. They are pretty much the same except for the length, They both look like they are made of Iron.

Shikai: In its Shikai form the blades turn into dual Katanas but one of them is always shorter then the other (about 7 centimeters shorter) They both look like they are made out of see through crystallized metal. If the Sun hits the Katanas at a certain spot they seem to become invisible.

1-50 posts: 2 techniques

Technique 1: Raikou Mo~Ningu (Lightning Morning)

Iosle lifts both of his Katana's towards his opponent and calls Lightning Morning. The sky then turns black as clouds begin to block out the Sun. It begins to rain at first but as a few moments later it starts to becomne a lightning storm, wherever Iosle points his Zanpakutou in its Shikai form it sends lightning bolts to where the opponent is. (It cannot strike at the same exact location)

Lasts: 5 Posts
Recharge: 8 posts

Technique 2: Raikou Irege (Lightning Switch)

When Iosle's Zanpakutou is in its Shikai form, He points one of his Katanas to the sky and calls out Lightning Switch. Lightning Switch makes it so that Iosle's pointed Katana disappears making Iosle only having one Katana. But as he sacrificed his other Katana, the one remaining gets blessed with lightning (becomes all electrical) with it his attacks are stronger and faster (Lightning is fast and strong) It can also send electrical shocks to the opponents Brain when hit around the head, causing them to become dizzy or faint or death (it depends of their immune system, something no matter what will happen unless has a special reason)

Lasts: It can last for the entire fight but Iosle can kick out of the Lightning Switch
Recharge: Once a fight.
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Character's Name:: Victor Izuru

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PostSubject: Re: Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn   Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 9:18 pm

This one is also good, very good ^_^ accepted
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Iosle's Zanpakutou Dawn
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