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 Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI]

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Character's Name:: Iosle Ocultado

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PostSubject: Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI]   Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI] Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2009 5:02 pm

Character Info:

Full Name: Iosle James Ocultado
Nickname: Lost
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: 18th October
Occupation: Traveler
Blood type: O

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 18
Visual Age: 15

Height: 1.68 meters
Weight: 97 lbs

Reason for existence: To be the best fighter

Strengths+ & Weaknesses-

Strengths: Fighting For Glory and Honor,
Zanjetsu & Hand to Hand Combat

Weaknesses: Protecting Loved ones (makes him stronger but seriously damages himself physicly and mentally.
Kidou usually backfires on himself & Being Merciful

Physical Description:


Skin color: Pale
Body Sensitivity: Behind Neck
When touched Skin feels: Cold[b]


[b]Hair color: Black

Longest of hair: Down to his chin

Eye color: Red
Added Info: Changes to Green when he is in love

Nose: Small but perfect
Cheeks: Are normal
Mouth: Normal
Lip color: Pink
Ears: Normal

Upper Body

Upper Clothing: Opened Dark Leather Overcoat, reveals Iosles Muscles

Lower Body

Lower Clothing: Dark but not too dark blue jeans, wears no socks or shoes.



Ears: Right ear has a small crystal earing, Left ear has doesn't have anything
Eyes: Dark trimmed glasses
Neck: Has a dark colored Rosary around his neck

Upper Body

Hands: Dark steel gloves tipped with little spikes on knuckle holes
Tattoos: Japanese Tattoo behind his neck meaning 'He who say not, But he is who speaks'
Rings: None
Necklaces: None

Lower Body

Has no accessories at his lower body

Personality and more info


Iosle is stubborn he listens only to what his heart says instead of his mind and others. Iosle would rather help out others then staying in a office working, Iosle adores to help anyone from helping eat and to anything. He lives life to the fullest and tries to help others to do so as well, he doesn't speak very often he says things by actions rather then his mouth. He never says anything unless he has something needed to be said. Iosle is also strong willed, he would never back dwon from anything if he were to fight and he could die he would fight the battle no matter what even to his own death. He would not regret it, he would do the exact same things a 100 times back to his death. He loves to fight strong people the most, he adores the thought of winning against someone with a lot of power.


When someone is on the urge to die from Iosle he would: Stop the fight and walk away saying "Don't die... Someone out there might love you'.

When Iosle loses and then he would fall to his knees and this is what he would usually say: Is this the end? Damn... Guess Destiny was against me and favored you.

When someone is threatening Iosle: You dare threaten me? Well... Big mistake!.: He then fights them to the death

(lol kinda lazy to do everything there so i'll stop there for now)


Descent cook
Can picklock easily
good at hiding
Can drink an entire gallon of milk in 10 seconds
Makes the scariest creepiest weirdest pictures of people


The day that Iosle was born his mother died after giving birth to him. His father was devastated, he punched Iosle once and he would've done more if the nurses weren't there to hold him back. The nurses seeing that decided to take Iosle to an orphanage instead home with his father who might just kill him. Later years, Iosle was 13 he had gotten many friends from the orphanage but he was unhappy. Unhappy that no one would adopt him, for instance when Iosle was being interviewed by the parents looking to adopt, they answered questions and Iosle answered them truthfully. Most of the answers that came out of Iosles mouth seemed to scare them as if he was the devil himself. Years pass by and the same thing kept on happening, he had decided to stop talking at all, one day a woman came to the orphanage she looked roughly around the age of 20 and Iosle seemed to like her. She told the people that she was looking to adopt, she browsed and looked at the children, Iosle liked her for the warm feeling she was giving to everyone and how sweet she was. She pointred out to Iosle and said that she wanted him. A few hours later they were on a beach they got there by the woman driving them there. It was close but not that close, She stared unto Iosle who was playing in the sand making mud pies and sand castles and holes. As minutes passed Iosle realized that she was staring at him, Iosle waited for a few minutes to slip by to see if she woukld stop or not. She didn't. He asked her what was she doing she got up and got close to Iosle. She then grabbed him by the shoulders and pulling himself towards her, Iosle was confused, he had no clue what was going on. As Iosle's face got a few centimeters close to her face and she began to throb, something was coming out of her. It was a Hollow! Surprised and frighttened the Hollow managed to kill Iosle. Later a Shinigami with a mask that resembled to that Hollow came and utterly defeated the Hollow. She then performed a Soul Burial on Iosle and he was sent to Soul Society. He was training ever since in order to become strong as that Shingami.

Division: 11th Division.
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PostSubject: Re: Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI]   Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI] Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 9:15 pm

^_^ this is good, very good, accepted
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Iosle Ocultado [SHINIGAMI]
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