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 10th Division Mission

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10th Division Captain

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10th Division Mission Empty
PostSubject: 10th Division Mission   10th Division Mission Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 6:36 pm

Mission Objective: Eleminate all hollows that have been reported at the outer edges of Karakura Town.

Obstacles: Known- Hollows of an unspesified class. Unknown- Number of hollows.

Debriefing: There has been an increaseing number of hollows gathering at the edge of Karakura Town and they must be delt with as swiftly as possible. As these hollows seem to be extremely powerfull i do not expect just one of you to take this task on alone. But if you feel that you are strong enough to do so, please tell me first.

Requirements : Must be a member of the 10th.

Reward: Vice Captain of the 10th and seated member of the 10th.

"I always found myself wondering how and why could they possibly keep on living. What motivation did they have that would get them up everday no matter what for the rest of their lives." -Vash
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10th Division Mission
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