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 Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard]

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PostSubject: Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard]   Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard] Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 4:45 pm

(For the sake of epicness, the name will be listed "First, "[Nickname]", Last")
Name: Hisoka "Kenpachi" Tanaka
Age: 543
Visual Age: 17
Race: Vizard

History: Silence encoated the woods, only the slight pitter-pattering of the rain could be hurt beating upon the roof of the log cabin. The serenity and peace was broken by the high-pitched sqeual of a woman. This woman had been carrying the child to be later named 'Hisoka' for nine months. It was time. Time for the birth of Hisoka; The beginning of the end.

Hisoka's mother died while giving birth, a bad omen to say the least. Hisoka's father was left to raise him alone, until one night, when Hisoka was six years old, his father was mysteriously murdered. Brutal stab wounds showed the crime to be one of pure hatred. The most omnious part; the doors had been locked and there was no sign of forced entry. Only one other occupant was within the house at the time of the crime; Hisoka. Was he responsible? The perpetrator was never captured and it could have been the man's six year old son all along.

Hisoka was placed in an orpanage and lived a normal life from then on. Once he turned sixteen, he ran as far as he could from what he had considered a 'Hell Hole of a Home'. Hisoka began seeing strange monsters. As well as men and women dressed in black kimonos running around and slaying these beasts. This entertained and appealed to Hisoka extremely, until on his seventeenth birthday, he could no longer hold back his desire.

Hisoka let the same feelings of hatred and rage rush through his mind and body as he had done the night he murdered his father; Yes, that had been him. His father hit him one too many times and Hisoka put him in his place. The resentment and rage coursing through his veins, Hisoka stepped out on to the streets in search for one of these 'Hollow', as he had heard the black kimino-dressed people call them.

He was foolish.

The Hollow brutally defeated Hisoka, leaving him moments from death before a 'Shinigami', as the Hollow responsible, who seemed to be able to speak, had referred to them as, came and slayed the Hollow. Saving Hisoka from devouration. The Shinigami had witnessed the beginning of the fight; How Hisoka had intentionally started it for the thrill of it. The Shinigami felt pity for the teenage boy, however, and performed an action he knew he would regret... He sent Hisoka to Soul Society.

Hisoka trained for many years. Becoming stronger all the while and defeating many who stood in his quest for power. And defeating some for the sheer enjoyment of it. Then, one day, when the Current Vice-Captain of of the Eleventh Division took note of Hisoka's fighting skills and his style, permitted Hisoka into the Academy for Shinigami.

Although having incredible speed and Shunpo skills, the top in his class, to be percise, Hisoka's Kidou was mediocre. His sword-play and strength were among the best, but his reiatsu and unmatchable speed is what really stood out.

When angered, Hisoka's reiatsu was monstorous, matching some of the weaker Captains' own. And his speed and Shunpo, were already on par with a Captain. After noticing Hisoka's amazing strength and skill, Seireitei regretablly passed him and placed him immediately into the Eleventh Division, where he would spend the next half of his life.

Although almost immediately being placed as the Third Seat, Hisoka never went on missions. He spent his time training, and perfecting his skills, infact, he never even met his Captain of the time. Although focusing on all of his skills, Hisoka's speed still stood out among any other.

He met a descendent of Byakuya Kuchiki, the deceased Ex-Captain of the Sixth Division. The man trained Hisoka in the art of Shunpo, teaching him advanced forms, including the art of Senka, and Utsusemi. Senka, the act of attacking your opponet while inducing a Shunpo, becoming increasingly hard to dodge depending on the speed of the user. And, Hisoka's favorite, Utsusemi; The ability to create after images of one's self, being able to trick the opponet into believing their attacks connected. Armed with these new skills, Hisoka became more involved with his squad and squadmates, going on missions and completly them effortlessly. Although, their were the occasional death of his comrades that worried Central 46.

Within days of hearing rumours of the promotion of his Captain, who Hisoka had still never met, Hisoka himself was promoted to Captain the Eleventh Division. Receiving his Captain's Haori and having the title of "Kenpachi" upon him, Central 46 had had taken all they could. They began to plot ways to terminate Hisoka; He was becoming a potential threat.

Nearly a month after his promotion, Hisoka had had an honor bestowed upon him; A mission from the occupants of Central 46 themselves. Their plot began.

The mission was summarized as: "Hisoka, there have been rumoured sightings of the Cuarta Espada in the Town of Karakura. We would like you to go there and finish him off."

Jumping into action almost instantly due to excitment, Hisoka set off to Karakura. Ready to mutilate this so-caled 'Espada'.

Although, Central 46 knew he was destined to fail, for they had planned it all out. During the climax of the battle, they had a member of the Second Squad prepared to assinate Hisoka, and the Espada. It was a win-win situation for them; The death of an Espada and the death of a threat to their peace.

Hisoka finally stumbled upon the Cuarta and they engaged in battle. The fight raged on for hours. Maybe even days. Perhaps weeks? The fight was coming to an end. Hisoka had released his Shikai and the Espada had released his Resurreccion. The two combantants' blades parried each other, then, it happened.

A figure emerged from the shadows, Shunpo'ing instantly and slicing Hisoka, a strike meant to kill, but that was not the case. During the same Shunpo, the assassain cut down the Espada, and this srike performed it's purpose; the Espada's death.

Hisoka fell to the ground, bleeding profusely and barely breathing. The lifeless corpse of the Espada fell down onto Hisoka, and some of its blood leaked into Hisoka's wounds.

A sinister black mist-like reiatsu filled the area and Hisoka's body rose; A wolf-like mask donned upon its face. Hisoka's body danced wildy around the city, destroying everything in sight. Meanwhile, Hisoka was locked in combat with the same Espada he just defeated. Except, this time, it was an inner-battle in the world sealed within his Zanpaktou.

The Espada, which Hisoka would soon learn to be his new 'Inner-Hollow', revealed itself as 'Jinteki Ookami'. As they fought, this time in a battle for control of Hisoka's body.

Fifty hours had passed, and Hisoka succeeded. Striking the 'Inner-Hollow' in the stomach, it slowly faded away with a warning of his inevitable return.

Hisoka took control of his body as the mask, which now covered eight-percent of Hisoka's body, shattered. Hisoka fell to the ground, exhausted.

Hisoka now wanders the Earth, still fighting and killing for the fun of it with the aid of his Hollow. One thing set upon his mind; "Death to Shinigami."

Appearance: Standing at the average height of six foot three, Hisoka has medium length brown haird which hands just above his grey-ish blue eyes. His figure is very muscular, giving him a of intimidation.

Although exiled, Hisoka still wears his Shinigami robes and his Captain's Haori. To prove that he once bore the title "Kenpachi" which some still know him by.

Personality: Hisoka is a very dark, twisted, and combat-loving guy. Following the 'Act-first-think-later' phillosiphy, things don't always go his way.

However, when around women Hisoka shows a completly different side. A compassionate and flirtatious side, to be exact. And he can play the part quite well.

Ex-Division: Ex-Captain of the Eleventh Division.
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PostSubject: Re: Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard]   Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard] Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 4:51 pm

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Tanaka, Hisoka[Vizard]
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