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 Forum Rules and Etiquette

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Forum Rules and Etiquette Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Etiquette   Forum Rules and Etiquette Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 10:03 am

Please take a moment and read the forum rules.

1. Do not use profanity in this forum. Although words like damn or bastard are alowd.

2. No sexually explicit posts.

3. Any deviation from standard forum roleplay rules must be agreed before hand with other roleplayers.

4. You are limited to one attack per post unless you follow with the above rule.

5. Do not criticize nor harass a player. Any disputes concerning a roleplay post, must be brought up to an administrator.

6. Please do not spam any board except the spam board.

7. There is a minimum of at least a paragraph per roleplay post, ^_^. If there is a one liner and no reason for it then you will get a warning. If it happens again deduction of your posts will accure from 5, then 10, then 15, etc. etc. you get the drill.

8. Do not God-Mod.

9. Do not Metagame.

10. You may add music to a post. But you must first ask permission from the thread creator, and the music must not be put on autoplay.

11. You must have proper grammar when making a Role-play post. While you may chat-speak in OOC, this is not allowed in any way, shape or form in-character.

12. If you advertise via private messages or anywhere other than in the advertisements board your account will be deleted immediately without any warning. A second time will result in permanent IP ban. Unless you are advertising your own rp site. But ask admin permission first.

13. A thread must never be held inactive. If a role-player in a thread is an inactive member, you may skip them provided you have an in-character excuse. (Aka, their character is rendered unconscious, unable to act, or incapacitated in someway. Do not kill off the character unless granted permission.)

Admins have the right to change whatever they deem fit at any given time without any prior warning. If you feel that an administrator changed something without given good reason to do so, you may appeal the change at the appropriate board.

You recognize and agree to adhere to the aforementioned rules above. You also understand that if they above rules are not followed administrators and global moderators have the right to reprimand you, put you on probation, delete your character and even ban your account if the situation calls for it.
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Forum Rules and Etiquette
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