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 Katasu's Training- Water Element

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Character's Name:: Katasu Misikura

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PostSubject: Katasu's Training- Water Element   Katasu's Training- Water Element Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 12:03 pm

Katasu Standing in the middle of a huge field of nothing but brown dirty earth as far as the eye can see. Standing on the highest ledge he could find Katasu begins his training.
Sitting with his legs cross Katasu closes his eyes and begin's to concentrate on his breathing. He then regulates his breathing. In Katasu's mind there is a big yin-yang sign spinning and spinning.
"This is taking all my concentration just to keep my breathing cycling like this".He then sits focusing on his breathing for a few more hours. Soon Katasu grows hungry. So he takes a break.
Katasu grabs a brown paper bag. opens it and takes out a tasty looking peice of double fudge bannana cake. Smelling the sweet scent the cake gives off Katasu begins to devour the cake. Soon its all gone. "Wow that was tasty" Katasu said whiping away some crumbs and frosting from his mouth. "Well back to training" he said sitting back down.
After countless hours and pints of sweat pass on Katasu is able to regulate his breathing without much thought at all. "There step one is complete" Katasu mummured lowly, where he himself could barely hear it as the wind howled pass his ears.
Katasu exhaughsted from his training decides to move toward a more pleasent place to take a nap. He leaves the dustlin desert and moves toward a meadow that is surrounded by hundreds of flowers of many different types. He reconigzes a few of the species. He then picks one. "Awe, The rose it's only as beutiful as you" Katsu gently saying as he smelled the lovley scent the flower incased in its delicate yet, eligantly placed petels. Katasu laid down in the grass under the shade of a big old oak tree.
Looking up at the sky Katasu sees many clouds shaped like many things but one, looked like HER! Katasu Shedded a few tears then passed out in the meadow. When he awoke Katasu got write back to training. "I will master this element for you June"! Katasu sat down and closed his eyes. "Hey, wait whats that".Katasu wondered to himself. So he dicided to check it out. When he finally got to the thing he was sensing it saw that it was a waterfall. "Wow I can now sense water" Katasu announce in astonishment.
Katasu reached out his hand and touched the waterfall. The water around his hand began to swirl and form into ice. ~what tha...~ he thought inside his head."Have I mastered it; No not yet but I am close. Katasu sat on a rock platform that he had made using his zanpakutou. There he sat focusing his Reaitsu. Soon Katasu made an ice shield around his backside to block the water from touching his body then he turned the ice into snow and it fell down to the ground and was washed away by streams current,
"I'm so close I can feel it" Katasu exclaimed. Katasu all wet with is golden brown hair glesining in the sun from where water droplets where. Katasu took his hand and slung the water out of his hair. Then he begin to dry his body and clothing. Drying his pants Katasu let his shirt air dry. Removing his shirt Katas's muscles showed. "I see, when I am able to create my own water I will have mastered this element" Katasu burtsed with enthusiam. So then Katasu focused a large amount of reaitsu into his right hand.
There in his hand was a ball of liquid. The liquid was water. "Hehe I did it" Katasu announced as he smiled. Katasu then turned the liquid into a solid, Ice. He broke the ball of ice into little shards and used them to cut around fifty roses and fifty lilly's and gothered them all. Making a vase from ice and filling it with fresh cool water he placed the flowers. He then rush off to tell his Captain of what he had accomplished. Rushing by a little kid he say the Captain of squad 6. "Do you know where Captain Dante, Sir"!
The captain pointed to Dante's office. "Thank you sir" Katasu said, bowed and ran off. "Captain I have finshed my training" Said entering the office.
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PostSubject: Re: Katasu's Training- Water Element   Katasu's Training- Water Element Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 4:14 pm


"I always found myself wondering how and why could they possibly keep on living. What motivation did they have that would get them up everday no matter what for the rest of their lives." -Vash
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Katasu's Training- Water Element
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