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 Small Workout

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Tenshi Atomi
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Tenshi Atomi

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Character's Name:: Tenshi Atomi

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PostSubject: Small Workout   Small Workout Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 8:34 pm

A dark portal opened in the sky visible to none except those of the spirit realm, and those few special humans. Stepping out of the portal, Tenshi created a small dark platform, so that he wouldnt fall. Looking down on all the weary humans below he began to chuckle, They have no idea whats going on around them, he thought as he started to look for the hollows he had located.

Quickly finding them he shunpoed to where they were landing infront of them with his back turned to them he spoke, "Well boys hope your all ready for a good workout," he said as he spun on his heeltilting his body slightly as he rose his right foot, and extended it, kicking the hollow squarely in its chest sending it flying into a tree. Still standing in that same position with a smile on his face, Tenshi rose his hands, and signaled the other hollows to come at him.

As they came athim howling as usual he dropped himself to the ground, placing his right hand only on the ground he pushed himself up and spread both his legs, then began to spin himself, kicking all the hollows in their faces as they dived at him. Afterwards still spinning he channeled reiatsu to his hand and pushed up, launching himself into the air. Falling feet first he landed in the back of one of the hollows, and watched as blood flooded from its mouth and howled in anger and pain.

Jumping off the hollow, he bent low and waited for them to attack. They came from all angles, quickly drawing his zanpaktou, he slashed them across their chest, then shunpoed past them as they held their chests and screamed in pain, then collided with each other. Chuckling Tenshi turned to them and shunpoed towards them and began running around them in a circle making small cuts on there bodies, putting them in agony, before finally beheading them one by one.

Looking donw at the bodies as they slowly disappeared he smiled, "That was a good workout," he said as he returend to Seireitai.
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Small Workout
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