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 Gemlos Sunido [ST]

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PostSubject: Gemlos Sunido [ST]   Gemlos Sunido [ST] Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 10:47 am

Espina draws his zanpakuto with a flick of his wrist, The two black blades appearing out of nowhere. He sighs lightly.

I must get stronger. .

He stands up, Rising from the tree stump he was sitting cross legged on. He sunidods behind a tree, and slashes at it, His blade gouging a deep cut into the trunk.


He is suddenly up in the air, Slashing straight down, Cutting through a large portion of the trees canopy, Branches falling to the ground, An after image of leaves lingering in the air for a split second before they to begin their fall.


He is suddenly inside of the tree’s canopy, Both blades whipping around him, slicing off the top of the tree by cutting through all of the branches. Limbs fall away from the tree in all direction, Leaves fluttering to the ground as he stands ontop of the tree, And slashes his sword down into it.


He sunidods to another tree, Infront and then behind, And lo and behold, There are two slashes on the tree, One on the front, And one behind it.


He yells with the glee of someone who just got how to do something difficult. He sunidods up in the air, And this time there are two of him slashing at the tree’s limbs, Two branches falling to the ground.


There is now a small crowd of adjuchas hollows watching him, Drawn by the amounts of reiatsu he’s expending to do all this.


He does it again, Do a different tree, The circle of adjuchas backing away from him as there are now three of him, All slashing at the tree, Three sections of the tree tumbling to the gound.


He does this again and again, The circle of adjuchas moving back every time he approaches a tree near it, And then falling back in on him again. There are now a few vasto lorde’s mixed among them, Watching him use massive amounts of reiatsu, Making himself weaker and weaker with each sunido, Even as the trees are annihilated, Branches and leaves and trunks falling to the ground with every slash. He laughs out loud, he’s enjoying himself greatly as he keeps slashing at the trees. A few of the vasto lorde’s are getting closer to him, Hoping to maybe feast on his soul if he gets too weak. He ignores them, caught up in the joy of moving so fast that there are tangible after images of him, Attacking the trees alongside of him.

Three!! Three!! THREE ME’S!!!

He keeps laughing even as he thinks this, His blades flying out at the trees, Reducing them to kindling. He’s made a large clearing now, The ring of adjuchas circling around it’s edges, A few of the vasto lorde’s standing inside of it, Waiting for their chance to attack, To feast upon him. One of them leaps at him, And he is suddenly surrounding the vasto lorde, Four of him slashing at him, Cutting him into little pieces, One sword going through the neck, Another through the chest, Another through the stomach, And one through the thighs. The after images disappear as he grabs the falling head of the vasto lorde, And eats it, Sucking the soul out of it. It is but a small bit of power compare to his, But it satiates his appetite for now. He leaves, The adjuchas crying out as the vasto lorde’s decide to feast upon them, Since he is no longer an option.
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Gemlos Sunido [ST]
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