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 Just another day's work...

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Legiono Nigtashi
6th Division Captain

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Character's Name:: Legiono Nigtashi

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PostSubject: Just another day's work...   Just another day's work... Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 8:24 pm

Walking around patroling the Sereitei Legiono sighs....he was pretty bored of doing the same old stuff and wished he had had more fun things to do....he secretly hoped someone would attack soon because he was tired of no action and wanted to kill was boring him even more thinking about that he started thinking though he probably wouldn't stop and he thought of himself...he was one messed up individual....what did the humans call them? Goths? he wasn't sure what they called them but thats what he was....and he had power to back it up so.....he was sort of happy about that...although thinking about it Legiono wondered if he could have fun while patroling....of course he could.....he decided to street climb for something to do.....running from rooftop to rooftop jumping from ledge to killed some of his time waiting for something to happen....

Just another day's work... Anime%20-%20Spawn-Angel
Just another day's work... Aoshi_anime
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Alado's Fraccion
Ex~3rd Espada

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Character's Name:: Sin

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PostSubject: Re: Just another day's work...   Just another day's work... Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 8:31 pm

Sin stood on one of the rooftops that Legiona jumped to and to. Sin yawned not realizing that he was there right around the corner. He yawned once more and got up and revealed the 3rd Espada sign right on his highly visible neck. Bloody Soul Society he said as he looked unto Soul Society one final time. He turned and face Legiona, Sin got surprised as he didn't felt his Reaitsu either he was very weak or Sin was being foolish. He took his hand and took out his Zanpakutou from behind his back. He said with a emotionless tone Who are you and what are you doing here?
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Just another day's work...
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