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 Looking for a challenger

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Looking for a challenger Empty
PostSubject: Looking for a challenger   Looking for a challenger Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 11:38 pm

(PM me when you reply so I know you posted. Although I have a odd suspicion it will be dark..)

Cocaine Didn't have much to think about. One other being wanted to have a word with him, face to face, mano e mano, cup to cup. The bountou sat in the glass structural setting of the Basement of the Bounto Mansion. Cocaine got up, flexing himself he stretched his leg and arm muscles, his anticipation, his expectation of the match he was going to receive, he hoped on them high. One door was in the area, and the glass was re-enforced Quartz, made to hard hit Cocaine smirked. Him being the first time residing in his "safe haven" For the bounto he had to find out each hand every bountou, thoroughly analyzing them.

Previously Cocaine had discovered that they are grouping together. Cocaine found this surprising the the bounto in this region. They wanted a leader and this leader was supposed to liberate their existence. Of course, Cocaine being the man he was along with his influence he wasn't going to submit to any old sap that had kissed up to everyone else. Cocaine gave a slight smile when he heard this in his head, his doll was obviously tempting him and Who was Cocaine to deny his bait? The bountou dug into his ear and a Bo staff . The staff was as long as Cocaine, 6'9", and 4 inches long. Made for the jabs to be quickened. This bo was not for scrimmage and Soakudo gave him this thin one exactly for that purpose. The bounto guessed this was a sign form his doll that he still had more he needed to work on.

The Bounto twirled the Bo staff along his back and in his right hand to his left. the Staff flew cleanly, making a sharp whistle as it broke through the wind. The speed was apparent but Cocaine needed to know on his striking power. He decided to make this assumption and find out when his opponent came strolling into the door. The Bounto walked war into the wide battle room. Being 30 feet past the door he held the staff out in front of him and focused both his hands on it. Focusing a good steady amount of reiatsu into it, reinforcing it with his own Reishi force. Calming himself, he placed the staff at his right. The Staff being perfectly aligned with his body and he began to shake. the enemy might be strong, the enemy might be menial. Lady luck was about to play around with the pride of Cocaine yet again.....
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Looking for a challenger Empty
PostSubject: Re: Looking for a challenger   Looking for a challenger Icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 5:41 pm

Sarrow shunpos intot he battle area. He had sensed a strong reiatsu and had followed it. He smiled when he saw that it was a bountou. Sarrow pulled out Ryuujin and smiled. He had been hoping to find a good fight all day. He sees the bount with a long bo staff. He can feel the reiatsu coming from both the staff and the man. " My name is Sarrow Momochi and I will be your opponent for today.." Sarrow settled into his stance.
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Looking for a challenger
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