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Character's Name::

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PostSubject: Senso   Senso Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 7:23 pm

Name: Flash, Seso
Age: 400 years old
Race: Bounto
Gender: Male
History: Seso was a figure who stood out in the crowd of the human world. When he was young, he was allowed to attend private school by his parents. But, his powers raged on as a true Bounto and his parents knew there was something wrong with him. Of course these parents weren't his real ones, but he cared for them. After they thought Seso was a curse of some sort, they threw him out into the streets of New York, New York. Here on the streets he met many hollow and of course scared them off though with his power. His life style on the streets was a simple one, he stealed to live on and also started to feed on human's in all. He knew that he had something wrong with him and one day met another Bounto like himself.

"Your.....A monster...."The bounto said to him as they met. From here on, the little boy figured out slowly that he was a REAL monster. For ages he ate the souls of the living to survive. But the Bounto that Seso met also made him a doll. This doll was also Seso's partner for now on and he used it to destroy everything he needed to destroy to live.

Appearance: Often seen in a dark black cloak covered with stained blood. This blood sticks as if from the soul of Seso himself. The cloak goes down from a hood topping then flows down to the knees. It is purely black silk and water resistant and fire resistant along with slight shielding of ones reiatsu. Think of this as a diving suit with no mask. Under the hood lie the dark blue eye’s of Seso, they seem to even take the form of darting bird eyes. He may often be teased upon as a bird for such an appearance. His hair is shielded from the hood of course but there is a slight showing of it that comes down to the spreading of eyelashes. This showing is that of a deep and dark tannic color. It does not fully shield the eyes of Seso take note to this.

Now for under the cloak that shrouds the presence of Seso. Seso’s true body is to that of a slightly bulked figurine. He has a belt of supplies wrapped in many bags around his waist.

Personality: Seso stands between everything in the universe. Seso is a being that does not think of himself to that high of a status. He is a vessel that does what pleases himself, he does not get pleased though easily from the others that surround him. He thinks of others as things that annoy him and simply ignores others completely.

Seso you could say “does not play well with others.” He enjoys doing what he pleases as said before thus hates the presence of others around him. Although, he enjoys seeing the sight of other’s “blood.” This makes his personality change in a mere instant as he starts to get overly happy. His thoughts change to battle tactics and fighting gestures. Seso takes his stance in plain seconds and targets the being that he wishes to drain of its life force. He is a laid back kind of man that has little friends and loves to fight. That is a short view of his personality for one.
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Character's Name:: Sin

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PostSubject: Re: Senso   Senso Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 7:26 pm

Approved unless a admin says otherwise.
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Character's Name:: Victor Izuru

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i second vic
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