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 Mihou, Vairon's Zanpaktou

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Mihou, Vairon's Zanpaktou Empty
PostSubject: Mihou, Vairon's Zanpaktou   Mihou, Vairon's Zanpaktou Icon_minitimeTue Feb 10, 2009 6:00 pm

Name: Mihou (Sword Cannon)

Manifestation: An anthromorphic armadillo.

Release Phrase: Load and Fire, Mihou!

Owner: Vairon Momochi

Level: Shikai

Family: Other

Appearance: Sealed: A normal katana.
Shikai: A cannon that has a blade on the back.


Blade Blast: The cannon shoots thousands of blades.

Death Darts: The cannon fires tranquilizer darts.

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Mihou, Vairon's Zanpaktou
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