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 Unconventional Warfare

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Unconventional Warfare

Motto: "Qu'est que ce le raison d'etre? Pour La Victoire." (What is the reason for being? For the victory.)

Members of the Twelfth division are experts in all aspects of unconventional warfare. From the dirty tricks of attacking your opponent's weak spots to acting as the reinforcements that seem to be in endless demand. The 12th divisioners are experts in using any type of warfare or tactics that allows them to succeed in battle. Their ultimate goal is not to have a good fight, it's to win by any means necessary.

* - Assassination
* - Adaptation
* - Combatant
* - Deception
* - Impersonation
* - Reconnaissance
* - Manipulation

These forms of combat are all shared with a kind of military branch in wide use: special forces. Examples of this would be Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, Air Force Commandos, and Marine Force Reconaissance. Unconventional warfare specializations within the armed forces. Keyed towards mastery in all areas of combat with one goal in mind; to win.

Every division has a general belief as to what real power is:

The 1st believe that 'proper action towards a better future is power'.
The 2nd believe that 'knowledge is power'.
The 3rd's is 'strength through aiding others is power'.
The 4th's is 'balance is power'.
The 5th's is 'kidou is power'.
The 6th's is 'mastery of one's soul slayer is power'.
The 7th's is 'fists are power'.
The 8th's is 'technology is power'.
The 9th's is 'diversity and diversions are power'.
The 10th's is 'elements are power'.
The 11th's is 'spirit is power'.
The 13th's is 'explosives and tactics are power'.

Despite the following beliefs, the Twelfth division doesn't recognize a specific area of mastery to bring about power. Instead, the members of the 12th realize that true power is the power it took to overcome the situation; in other words, 'winning is power'.

At times, the Twelfth division has also been referred to as Gotei's own personal little group of sabotage workers. In other instances they've been referred to as a group of berserkers who have little regard for the “proper” way to fight. These ideals aren't really far from the truth as the 12th sees that doing anything to bring about victory is within just cause. There is little reason for a man to limit himself to meager ideals when there are various other approaches that could be taken to get the job done. That is the philosophy that the members of the Twelfth hold in common. Be it working behind the scenes or flat out sacrificing a person to bring about their goals, the Twelfth are thought of to be home for Gotei's less... moral shinigami.

Due to this, the Twelfth division is high level of combat orientation and manipulation makes them ideal for the missions that most would deem suicidal or too dangerous for an agent to be sent out into the field. This also brings out another key aspect that this division's specialization in unconventional warfare presents. Which is its ability to deal with threats in a guerrilla combat approach, by breaching enemy lines and operating as a disruption and sabotage force from the inside, while the typical “hack-and-smash” divisions came at the front lines.

In all actuality, 12th division willingly works in relation to the 2nd for determining targets and acting on them. However, the jobs that the 12th partake in are only the tasks that are considered a lost cause. Reason for this is that once a member of the Twelfth has set their eyes on their objective, there's no turning back until the job is done, they've been given different set of orders, or said person is dead. Needless to say that for a division to have such a common train of thought, they also are capable of using unique techniques designed to maximize their chances of victory. Such techniques like the ability to mimic an opponent's moves, strengthen one's physical abilities, or to perfectly impersonate a target down to the smallest detail have shown that the Twelfth division can supplement for any lack of skill to reach their goals through thick or thin; which potentially makes them a highly regarded but shady asset. After all, it's harder to achieve a victory if one is constrained to having to fight the opponents their way all the time. Sometimes all it really takes is a simple knife in the back when no one's looking.
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Unconventional Warfare
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