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 Heavy Combat / Combat Specialists

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PostSubject: Heavy Combat / Combat Specialists   Heavy Combat / Combat Specialists Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 10:58 am

11th Division Techniques
Heavy Combat / Combat Specialists

The 11th Division bears the brunt and burden in dealing with hostile forces.
Their skills emphasize both synergy and raw strength to achieve sweeping victories.

** [ The Gates of Hell ] – (Def/Aur/Syn)
Those of the 11th division are naturally powerhouses of reiatsu, even more so with the rigorous training methods that they endure. With this mind, the more skilled members of the 11th division are able to freely manipulate this reiatsu to better suit their needs. When in peril, those with this technique can buy a moment away from harm. By spending and exerting a sum of Reiatsu equal to or greater than that of an oncoming opponent’s attack, the individual using this technique may negate the damage dealt so long as they continue to release a reiatsu greater than that of the total sum of the attack. This technique strains both one’s body and mind, so much so that it can only be used maximum of 3 times. Any attempt beyond 3 uses will result in an instantaneous knockout of the user. In total, despite the number of uses, one cannot spend more than 25% of one's Base Reiatsu.

When two or more 11th Division members band together, they can form a shield by touching each other once, connecting their individual Reiatsu, and weaving them all into a thread. Once the thread is established, the more Shinigami involved in the thread shield, the stronger the thread is. Once the thread is made, physical contact is not needed. The shield is only breakable when the attack unleashed against it is greater in value than the sum of all the connected Reiatsu of the Shinigami involved in the thread establishment.

While this Tech is in use, Kidou and physical attacks may not be used until after the shield is dispersed. Those within the shield (if it is a closed shield as the it can be shaped at the user(s) will) cannot leave. The solidness of the shield is determined by Reiatsu, and that summed Reiatsu is shared equally along the thread so that the shield is strong on all sides. The shield may be used to protect one’s person or squad from harm or as a countermeasure to ensnare or cluster enemies within its barrier. Reiatsu input is limited to 25% of an individual's Base Reiatsu. A group shielding is limited to the number of times an individual has already used the technique in the current battle.
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Heavy Combat / Combat Specialists
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