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 Vergil's Hollowfication

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Vergil's Hollowfication Empty
PostSubject: Vergil's Hollowfication   Vergil's Hollowfication Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2009 6:21 pm

Vergil was in his office doing paperwork from Central 46, only he was allowed to look into these files. They were information, on the vizards running around and the arrancar that have been spotted. He finished filing them in his cabinet and sat back down to pet Teufel, his blood red panther. Vergil's eyes had been changing color ever since he had met the 2nd Espada, Victor. Also he knew that it would not be long until he would become his very fear, he noticed this with his encounter of the 5th Espada.
Later that day he was in his room just staring off into space when, all of a sudden his face felt like it was on fire, soon after his whole body felt the pain of the firery depths of hell burning him. He pointed to the ceiling and yelled...
"Bakudou 75 Quintet of 1 Kan Iron Pillars!" As the pillers entrapped his body, he drifted into his inner self to meet the inevitable. Vergil awoke to find Yami and another being standing next to Yami. He was white, as a piece paper, he was clad in all white, eyes were as blue as they sky. His hair was long and black, tied in a pony-tail to keep it out of his eyes. His zanpakuto which was at his hip, the hilt was demonic looking. Yami pointed at the thing and said, "This is Vemi, the hollow which was created by your hollow and my hollow verging to make one, his power is hard to control so I do not expect you to survive." Vergil then looked and saw no one there, and he felt a pain in his chest and saw a sword through his chest. What speed and strength is all Vergil could think of. Vergil pulled his blade out and tried to stab Vemi, which jumped back with his blade. Vergil's eyes went black and he used his darkness to make the hollow blind. It was futile though, Vemi could use his animal instinct to block but not attack. This was happening for a little while until Vemi became infuriated and started to fire ceroes in every direction. One or two ceros hit Vergil and sent him flying. He could tell when he hit the wall that Yami had used some power to stop the impact from being so hard. As Vergil stood he could feel Yami taking away the power in which he had given. Vergil made his reitsue soar but Vemi just matched it. They both went into Senkai Zwei forms of the bankai. Vergil was faster than Vemi, since Vergil has had more time using it's power. Vergil dashed around the hollow, and made small cuts, as much as could be done to make sure he would not get hit. Then Vemi spoke, "You will die by my hands, you do not know what it means to control power, yet even darkness. Now get out of 'My' world." Vemi shot a white cero at him, which seemed to have more power. It hit Vergil dead center of the chest. He could feel his body destroying the Division room and working its way to the meeting hall. He had to make this quick, since he saw a small hole in his shoulder...a hollow hole. Vergil then went to Yami and stabbed him, absorbing all of the reitsue that had darkness in the cells. His eyes then turned black once again and jumped behind the hollow and stabbed him. The hollow then ripped his mask off and started to try and put it on me. Vergil knew if it was a success, he would die and become a hollow. Vergil then took his blade away and tried to destroy the mask but that did not work, since the hollow was starting to gain speed, or was he moving slower. After many hits by Vemi, Vergil finally had a knee on the ground. Was he going to die or not. Vemi then slammed the mask on him, which started to take control the instant it had touched his face. He was on fire again, his body was becoming one like a hollow, his blue demon form turning white as snow. Vergil was fighting back but the more he fought the faster it took over. In his last few efforts Vergil stabbed himself and tried peeling the mask off. The mask was slowly coming off but his face and rest of his body were starting to rip as well. The mask came off but Vergil bloodied all over. He got up and broke the mask. Vemi then returned from being a mask to a hollow. His body was injured all over, resembling the same injuries that Vergil had sustained. Vergil reverted back to his shikai, and he heated his blade and slashed at Vemi. "Dimension Slash!" Vemi then did the same his reitsue blue instead of red. The collision made a large blast sending them both backwards. Vergil then ran at Vemi and jumped and attacked his mask with a downward arc, the mask's corner to where the hollow's heart should be. He had luckily hit Vemi, but it was not much of an impact since, Vemi then used his blade to minimize the attack's damage. But Vergil was smart and was one step ahead, his fingers were pointed at his mask. "Hadou 33 Blue Fire, Crash Down!" The fire erupted from his fingers and started to burn the hollow, who could not douse the fire, since there was no water to get rid of it. The hollow started to wither, so Vergil then coursed his reitsue in his blade and then sliced the hollow from the mask corner to his chest once again, this time a huge gash appearing. The hollow's eyes went black and then was then sent into Yami the zanpakuto. "Just like getting eaten by an adjunca." Vergil then was sent to his body which collaped and he saw the damage of the 1st Division, it was destroyed, the mask he saw next to him shattered in many pieces. He got onto Teufel's back and they started to ride out of the Division and through a senkai gate straight to Karukura. "Do not stop, if someone gets in your way, kill them." Vergil whispered to Teufel, who had listened and went to a defensive stride.
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Vergil's Hollowfication
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