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 2nd Division Exclusive Kidou.

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PostSubject: 2nd Division Exclusive Kidou.   2nd Division Exclusive Kidou. Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 12:48 pm

Name: Can't find a good translator, name is "Million Hell Hornets"

Number: 79

Category: Sort of a mix, With elements of both. It's Technically a Kidou though, But it's not an instant thing.

Stage 1: Million hornets of the soul, Attack my enemy, Ravage their flesh, Kidou #79 Million Hell Hornets!
Stage 2: Million hornets, Kamikaze!

Range: Unlimited, However the swarm can only cover a three foot area, So unless there are multiple people in the area, It can only affect one person. It however can only be cast on someone whose in sight.

Effect: The kidou Hardens the spiritual pressure of the user, And mixes it with the ambiant spirit particles in the air, To create a semi-sentient swarm of spirit wasps that will single mindedly attack their target, and anyone else within three feet of them. Upon activating stage two, They self destruct, Dealing massive damage. However, All the spiritual pressure that was put into them is lost, And takes five post to regenerate, Making this a kidou you cannot use twice in succesion without a resting period, Unless you wanna be in the fourth's infirmary for a week.

Duration: If kamikaze state is not activated within three posts, The hornets dissapate, And the spiritual energy only takes two posts to return, allowing it to be cast again more quickly.

Other details [optional]:He will only teach this kidou to his most trusted officers, And only if they're proficient enough in kidou to perform it without verbalizing the incantation.


Name: As before, Bad translator. "Thorned vines of Hell"

Number: 52

Category: Bakudo

Incantation: "Thorned vines of hell, Rise up and bind, Bring them to the ground, Encircle and torture, Pierce and cut, Bakudo #52 Thorned vines of hell!"

Range: 20 ft

Effect: Thorned vines rise up out of the ground, And wrap around the person, Bring their forarms and knees to the ground. The thorns cut and pierce quite painfully. As long as the caster keeps his concentration on maintaining the Bakudo, It will go on until broken. The vines can be moved, Causing extreme pain. Primarily used as a torture technique.

Duration: 3 posts, Unless concentration is maintained on maintaining it.

Other details [optional]: 2nd division only.
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PostSubject: Re: 2nd Division Exclusive Kidou.   2nd Division Exclusive Kidou. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2009 9:09 am


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2nd Division Exclusive Kidou.
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