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 Legendary Tacticians and World Affairs

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PostSubject: Legendary Tacticians and World Affairs   Legendary Tacticians and World Affairs Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 10:49 am

5th Division: Legendary Tacticians and World Affairs

”When people are born, they are like a blank sheet of paper, other people write on them. However, when one’s sheets have no more space, you are the one who erases what has been written and write your own story.”

There are men and women alike who walk through the halls of the Shinigami Academy who are either filled with talent or seem to lack it. However, when one enters the 5th Division, none of that matters. All that matters is “How” and “Why”. For thousands of years, the Gotei 13 strived to create a division where its sole purpose is to “Successfully Negotiate.” While many divisions, such as the 4th and 12th, have specialized in some sort of way of combat in order to destroy their adversaries, the 5th, instead, focuses on methods of manipulation and persuasion in order to successfully quell their opponents. And in order to do this, all members of the 5th are trained in a very specific manner so that they stand out from every other shinigami. It has been said that these so called frightening methods cause some shinigami to a nervous breakdown while others end up becoming mute and stolid for the remainder of their life. While this is normal, the ones with true potential manage to come out the same way they entered, with only one difference; the way they take their duty in the 5th Division.

Members of the 5th Division are encouraged to use non-violent methods, primarily manipulation, in order to ‘control’ their opponent. If they do so successfully, then, in the eyes of the 5th Division, they have truly won the battle. However, despite this, everyone knows that not everything can be solved without some bloodshed. Thus, members of the 5th are also trained in commanding other forces strategically so as to inflict the most damage to their opponents while inflicting close to no damage to their own forces. Thus, it is safe to say then when within a crowd of other shinigami, the one that is a member of the 5th Division naturally begins to lead the group.

Members of the 5th Division tend to avoid combat; however that does not mean they will not fight. Most divisions encourage their members to gain so much power that they will simply overwhelm their opponent with sheer force. Some divisions even encourage long combat; however this is not the case with the 5th Division. ‘Speed Demon Combat’ is what it has become known as. Such a method of combat is made special to the 5th Division due to the fast and deadly nature of it. Members of the 5th Division are encouraged (though some say required) to use their speed and accuracy with their primary weapon in order to bring down their opponent as quickly as possible. It has been known that when one does combat with an experienced 5th Division member, they do not last much longer than a few seconds.

During times of war, 5th Division shinigami are usually dispatched when there is either a large threat or a covert operations leader is needed due to their unique teachings in leadership, manipulation, and combat. It is also noted that its Captain is called on for interrogating a P.O.W. or any other suspect. The Captain also serves as the Soutaichou’s personal consul.

Induction: Before one is allowed into the 5th Division, they must meet the pre-requisites:

Pre-requisites: IC

- This division acts like no other in any way.

- The safety of others is priority over you. Do not forget this.

- It has been known that the induction method of the 5th Division causes shinigami to go insane, come in knowing this.

Pre-requisites: OOC

- Be very active. Some Captains tolerate those who are not, however without proper notice, I will not tolerate this.

- Whenever you write something, be sure to PM me the link(s) to your writing so I don’t have to go searching for them. Grades will be posted Sunday evening if not sooner.

- Check the Updates post often as well as the Missions post as they will contain important material; including the 5th’s responsibility in Plot Missions.
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Legendary Tacticians and World Affairs
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