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 Kyrn Shira

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Character's Name:: Kyrn

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PostSubject: Kyrn Shira   Kyrn Shira Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 8:47 am

Name: Kyrn Shira

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weight: He weighs around 165 pounds

Height: 6.1

Visual Age: 18

Race: Vizard

History: When Kyrn Was Born His Mother And Father Couldn't Be Any Happier Having Yet Another Son (Although They Wished For A Girl This Time).His Father Promised Himself That He'll Be The Best Dad Ever. As Time Went By His Brother Would Hate Him More And More Since He Seems To Be The Better One. When Kyrn Was 7 He Realized How Much He Hated His Family Having A Annoying Father Who Is Stupid And Mentally Retarded He Love's His Mother Very Much But He Couldn't Believe How His Mother Can Put Up With His Dad. When He Was Around 12 His Brother Realized That His Emotions Are Tied To His Mother And The Way To Break Him Would Have To Be If His Mother Didn't Love Him Anymore He Thought About How To Do That And He Got It... A Few Months Later Kyrn Woke Up That Morning And As Usual Down Stairs Was His Mother Cooking He Ran To His Mother For A Hug.Once His Mother Felt The Hug She Said "Ah,If It Isn't...ARG!!!!!!" Kyrn Immediately Backed Off His Mother Was Screaming Who He Was,He Was Wondering If She Was Joking Turns Out She Wasn't His Mother Took Out The Knife And Tried To Kill Him. He Cried And Left And Heard The Words In The Howling Wind "Foolish Little Brother". And So He Ran Away From Home And Into The Forest Running Far Away But Before He Left He Placed A Note Into His Mother's Room Saying How Much He Love's Her And How Sorry He Is.When Running Away From Home After Around A Few Month's He Found A Cottage He Decided To Stay Away From It But When He Turned A Woman Appeared Out Of The Blue She Asked Him What He Was Doing He Gave Off A Smirk Saying "Not Blowing Up Your House" She Got Mad And Knocked Him Out And Dragged His Body To Her Cottage In The Wood's And Checking The Place To See If He Actually Was Serious But Found No Bomb's.She Was Relieved.After Placing Him Carefully On Her Bed She Pulled Up Her Chair And Waited For Him To Wake She Waited And Waited For Hours For Him To Wake Up She Had Idea's Of Hitting Him In His Sleep But He Would Say Something Stupid In His Sleep "Electic...Rats....Help!" he woke up Terrorized The Woman Burst Into Laughter As He Calmed Himself Down He Told Her That That's Not Funny. She Pointed At His Face While Chuckling As Any Normal Person Would Respond To "What?!" He Said She Handed Him Out A Mirror While Chuckling.He Took It And Looked At It While Screaming What Had She Done He Looked At Her She Had A Black Marker And Had A Sly Smile And She Said "You Remind Me Of A Kitty Chasing These So Called "Electric Rats" Kyrn Stood There Dumb Witted And Told Her How She Knew That He Dreamed Of Electric Rats She Responded "You Talk In Your Sleep" And What Else He Said Having Fear He Had Said Anything Else "That You Like To Eat Pillow's" Is That All He Said,Yes She Said With A Rather Disappointed Look. Whats Your Name She Asked With A Glee,Kyrn Responded Why Would She Want To Know She Said To Get To Know Each other He Said His Name Was Kyrn She Gasped Saying What A Coincidence My Name Is Kyrnia As She Smiled Kyrn Shrugged Saying And? Kyrnia Got Mad And Punched Him He Felled Backwards And She Fell On Him Making Her On Top Of Him He Said With A Smile "Never Thought A Girl Would Be On Top Of Me I Thought That I Wou..." Kyrnia Punched Him Again This Time He Stayed Down With A Bloody Face. As Time Passed On Kyrn Liked Kyrnia More And More So Did Kyrnia She Taught Him How To Use Kidou. Kyrn Woke Up And Realized That Today Was Kyrnia's Birthday He Worried Since He Hadn't Gotten A Present For Her She Came Onto His Room And Said She Doesn't Need A Present She Just Needs Him And She Kissed Him And She Walked Away Kyrn Sits There Dumb Eyes How She Just Kissed Him He Doesn't Mean it Was Horrible Or Anything But It Was So...Good. He Got Dressed And Ready To Celebrate Her Birthday They've Spent Hours Partying But As He Realized He Could Not Be Here Any Longer If He Had He Would Fail What Was To Come So He Left But Before Doing That He Gave Kyrnia A Passionate Kiss And Said To Her That He Has To Do It Now...Kyrnia Responded "Do What?" Kyrn Responded "My Vengeance". Kyrnia Stood There Telling Him He Shouldn't Look Back To The Past But Look Forward To The Future Instead Kyrn Nodded No "This Need's To Be Done Or Else He Wouldn't Be Able To Live Himself..."Kyrnia Responded Quickly "But You Won't Be By Yourself...You Have Me" Kyrn Stood There Staring Into Kyrnia's Eyes As He Did That He Responded "What We Have Is Something That No One Else Has.Something That Many Other People Want But Can't And Also The Memory's Of Us That Is What I Have Within Me And I'll never Let Go Of That.I Love You..." Kyrnia Looked At Him Hoping That He'll Retake What He Said But He Didn't.Kyrnia Knew That No Matter What She Say's Kyrn Wouldn't Change His Mind So She Took One Step Towards Him And Kissed Him With tear's Running Down Her Cheek's And While He Was Backing Away To Go After His Vengeance She Whispered "I'll Always Watch You".He Eventually Came Into Soul Society And He Eventually Became a Shimigami After A Few Year Once He Came A Shimigami There He Heard The Wind Howled "I See You Little Brother" He Scanned The Area And Didn't See Him.He Loojked Around Once More And He Saw His Brother He Ran After Him In Anger His Brother Standing There Laughing "Lil Brother Come With Me And Become A Vizard"."Seth!!!!!!" Kyrn Cried In Anger.Seth Ran Kyrn Followed And Eventual They Both Made It To The Vizard Hideout The Vizard's Happy That Seth Brought His Younger Brother For Them."Do You Wish For Power....?" One Of The Vizards Ask Kyrn Nodded Yes . Become One Of Us And You Shall Receive Great Power...But Be Warned You May Die. Kyrn Said "I'll Do Anything For This Power You Speak Of` Very Well Said The Vizards And So After A Few Years Of Training He Could Use His Mask For A While And He Achieved Shikai With His Zanpaktou

Appearence: Has Long Dark/White Hair Giving Him A Lonely Glow,Bluish-Greenish Eyes,Wears A Rosary Around His Neck,Has A Japanese Tattoo Behind His Neck Meaning "One Who Understands The Pain Of Others But Can't Understand His Own". He Wears A Dark Leather Over Coat Under It He Wears A White Long-Sleeved Tee-Shirt And On It Say's "My Imaginary Friend Thinks I Have Mental Problems". As For His Pant's He Wears A Dark Blue Colored Jeans,He Wears Dark Socks And Wears Normal Black Shoes.

Personality: He love's to spar/fight,never back's down from anything even if it seem's impossible.He hate's it how people say that he can't do that he'll scream at them yelling "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do".He's Cocky,Jumpy & Strong Willed. He Hate's Sweet's,Cowards,Idiots,People Telling What He Can't Do, The Things He Likes Would Be Friends,Training,Hanging Out In Deserts And Beache's.Usually He Wouldn't Want To Track Any Attention To Himself Seeing As He Doesnt Like To Socialise With People As Much.
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Character's Name:: Victor Izuru

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PostSubject: Re: Kyrn Shira   Kyrn Shira Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 12:24 pm

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Kyrn Shira
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