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 Espina Venono

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7th Espada

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PostSubject: Espina Venono   Espina Venono Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 5:48 pm

Name: Espina Venono

Age: 637

Visual Age: 19

Race: Arrancar

History: He was born in spain in the 1300's, The son of an assasian. He was named what he is in the hope that he would be like his name, Poisonus and stealthy. He was trained as an assasian for 18 years, and on his eighteenh birthday he got his first real assignment. He was to kill a spanish lord, And he did it quickly and quietly. He kept getting assignments, And eventually got one to kill the prince himself. He was captured and tortued in the castle, but he refused to say anything. So they Castrated, Gutted, Drew and halved him, Beheaded him, and then fed him to the dogs. He was rather pissed when he finnaly died after being beheaded, but he couldn't really do *I have no manners.*. An Adjuchas found him, and instead of eating him, He broke his chain of destiny, turning him into a hollow instantly. So he went around, eating hollows, and turned into a menos, the ate menos and became a menos grande, then ate menos grande, become an adjuchas, ate some adjuchas and became a vasto lorde, then ate the adjuchas(Who was now a vasto lorde) who turned him into a hollow, then ate some more hollows, Realized he was wearing a mask, ripped it off, and became an arrancar.

Appearence: He is quite muscular, With strong spanish features. instead of the usual arrancar outfit, He wears loose pants, And an open cloak that he couldn't close if he wanted to, showing off the middle of his muscular torso. He has bright red hair, Contrasting his spanish features. His eyes are a dark coffee brown.

Personality: Unpredictable. He's completly psychotic really. But i can't predict the actions of the psychotic. He loves fighting, killing, eating, screwing, really all the basic instincts.
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Dark Vizard

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PostSubject: Re: Espina Venono   Espina Venono Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 5:51 pm

i say accepted
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Espina Venono
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