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 Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR)

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Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR) Empty
PostSubject: Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR)   Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 10:43 am

4th Division

Specialty: Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR)

ARMOR is a shinigami unit devoted to the recovery and restoration of lost and injured allies on the battlefield. With the transformation of the 4th division, many felt a new "healing and active support" division was required to ensure shinigami would have a team of mobile recovery support specialists on the battlefield. However the division found itself faced with a relatively new problem in the modern age of Shinigami warfare: the en-masse appearance of rogue and hybrid shinigami as well as the difficulties of finding shinigami in a modern world populated by intelligent rival spiritual factions that may frequently jam communications over large areas. As a result of these problems, healing in the battlefield has been complicated by issues such as finding allies that need healing and differentiating between allies and enemies so a healer is able to not only avoid trouble, but find allies in need who have no alternate method of communicating their desperate condition to those who could help. The division is also the primary maintenance crew of Seireitai, cleaning everything from the sewers to Soukyoukou hill.

As a result, two new schools have been developed within the division: one that strives to develop new techniques that will allow the division members to easily verify the condition and allegiance of potential patients before they are healed, and one that allows the division members to quickly find struggling allies before fits too late (especially in times where no other communication is possible). Although these two schools are new to the division and the only division items that have been developed as a result of their research have been extraordinarily mundane and weak, their technique development is promising for the future of both ARMOR and Seireitai as a whole. As a result of these two schools, a fourth branch of this division has been formed with the intended role of finding rogues and vizards hiding within Shinigami ranks during important missions and sieges. Although, to be honest, the technology and techniques being used by these beings are less than elegant and mostly boil down to cameras, records and information networks.

The 4th division headquarters are done in a way as to maximize the effectiveness of healing, research and the swiftness of dispatching its members to the field where and when they are needed. There is a main "path" through the division, extending from the KS tower near the center, up the Chiyudo Development center, around the training hall and hot springs, and through the two development centers and the hospital. This path is unlike any other in Soul Society in that it doesn't have the simple and repetitive tile-white-wall scheme that penetrates the rest of the court's inner sanctums. Instead, this path is covered in plant life, allowing breaks in the dense thickets of herbs (and even fruits and vegetables) for use by the division. Koi fill the ponds and spots of short grass or large rocks (both in sun and shade) can be found dotting various places around the park-like road (for use in meditation, refocusing your zanpaktou's energies or just relaxing in the sun with a good book). The herbs themselves are essential to many of the healing techniques utilized by the doctors in the hospital (especially those imbued with great deals of reiatsu due to the influence of the shinigami there).
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Auxiliary Restorative Medical Operations & Recovery (ARMOR)
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