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 Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.

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Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Empty
PostSubject: Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.   Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 2:19 pm

Name: Hakuri Shihoin

Age: 437

Visual Age: 17

Race: Shinigami

History: Hakuri was born and raised in soul society, As the heir to the shihoin family. As such, he had a good childhood, undergoing shinigami training at an early age, releasing his zanpacuto's shikai at the age of 20. When Y. Shihoin left, He took over as head of the family, And when whatever happened to soifon to remove her from this site's story happened, he took the place of captain of the second. As head of the shihoin family, He is also the commander of the Special forces.

Appearence: He is quite devilishly handsome, With dark skin and black hair that seems to shine purple. He wears his hair long, Letting it hang over his eyes, As another vanguard of his emotions. He wears the Uniform of the commander of the special forces (SoiFon wore it, the back and shoulderless thing.) and the haori of the captain of the second division, Without sleeves. He is quite muscular, with broad shoulders. His eyes are a peculiar shade of jade, Seeming to be mixed with a little steel blue.

Personality: He's a kind person, Caring for others a great deal, Even if they are his enemies. He has a strong sense of wrong and right, And will often stand up against what he feels is wrong, which has gotten him in trouble quite a few times. However, he feels that if he shows this to anyone, they will think he is weak, and he himself thinks he is weak, unfit to be a captain. Which is why he wears a mask of sorts, Projecting a personality of indifference and non-caring, Of stolidness and strength. However, He is quite "Receptive" to the needs of women, Owing to his being both a hopeless romantic, And a raging pervert.

Division: 2nd

Abilities: He is an expert hand to hand combatant, Able to fight a shikai release without even drawing his sword, Which he prefers not to. He is amazingly fast, Probably as fast as Y. Shohoin, And quite strong. He is the best in all of soul society at flash stepping, Having mastered the skill through many years of hard training, Even devolping a new technique "Flash Shadow" Which allows him to perfectly copy an oppenents flash step. He teaches this skill to all the seated officers of the 2nd division. He is somewhat adequate in "Shunko"(Flash Cry) But is still attempting to master the technique. Even though he does not use it much, He is a master with his sword, And especially with his shikai, Using his chains to great effect. He has an amazing anylitacal ability, Able to completly understand an oppenents fighting style after a short period of fighting them, and he often fights defensivly at first to allow him to learn it. He has an amazing aptitude for tracking reiatsu, He is nearly impossible to hide from. He is equally adept at hiding his own reiatsu.

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Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.   Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 3:31 pm

I thought you're gonna be a member of my division but you've changed your mind ^_^......well welcome....approved.

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Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.   Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 4:23 pm

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Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.   Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble. Icon_minitime

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Hakuri Shihoin, the last Noble.
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