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 Battle Rules!

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Battle Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Battle Rules!   Battle Rules! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 12:59 pm

These rules MUST be applied to all the position battles.

How to challenge someone?

1) If you want to challenge someone, you MUST pm or tell to the rank holder that you want to challenge him/her.

2) After PMing the rank holder, you MUST also inform the admins that you want a position battle.

3) Rank holders have rights to reject or to deny challenges. If the rank holder rejected/denied the challenge, the challenger MUST not be worried. The challenger MUST have a complain about the current rank holder in order to have a hope, he MUST PM the complain to the admins so that the admins should do the move if they're gonna let the position battle or not. Note: The complains MUST convince at least 2 admins.

Rules in fighting

1) Death means you lost your rank

2) There are no battles without the injuries - you cannot dodge hits forever, but you can play it tactical.

3) You MUST post at least 1 paragraph and you can't use Bankai/Resurreción or any Final stage.

4) No auto-hitting

5) No God-modding

6) Play fair

7) And if the rank holder didn't post/response for 3 consecutive days, his/her rank will be automatically taken by the challenger. And for the challenger who didn't post/response in 3 consecutive days, the result will be.......ending of the FIGHT!

ALL in ALL you MUST follow the forum rules, except; the 1 sentence post ^_^
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Battle Rules!
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