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PostSubject: Existing Kidous   Existing Kidous Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 4:56 pm

Demon Arts *Known Kidous*

Demon arts are spells used by shinigami to do various things such as binding, attacking, and healing, including defense. Only upper level shinigami can use them after sufficient training. There are two types of Demon Arts: Bakudou ("binding spell") and Hadou ("blast spell"). Demon Arts are classified by power and difficulty of casting in a numbering scheme from 1 through 99, with power and difficulty increasing with the number. If a shinigami masters demon arts, they will gain the ability to bypass the incantation while casting spells.

Known Demon Arts: (current as of 06/24/06)

Known kidō spells
Binding(縛道, bakudō, literally "way of binding") Spells
1. Restrain (塞, Sai) — Locks a target's arms in place behind their back. Incantation: unknown/none.

2.Roman Mother's Worry- A pale blue glow engulfs the subject as certain worries are bound within them to induce them into a level of calm. Can have differest casting phrases - "Roman Mother's ___" with the specific emotion in the casting phrase. The life of the kidou depended on several factors: the strength of the castor, the amount of fear within the bindee, and the amount of stress the binde would come under. Incantation: "Ceres, bounty goddess, harvest moon, carry the weight of anxiety for your child. Burden your shoulders, weaken your back, spare the fear within another."

3. Spacial Distort- Disrupts the mental signals and physical capabilities of the target for sixty seconds(Posts: 1) Incantation:Unknown

4. Crawling Rope (這縄, hainawa) — An energy rope entangles a target's arms. Incantation: unknown/none.

7. Breeze Ascension- Wind stirs around the user's feet, sacrificing weight for agility and allowing them to move like the wind - similar to flashstep. Incantation: Unknown

9. Strike (撃, geki) — Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them. Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"

12. Repeat of the Endless Horizon- Creates a line of disorientation capable of turning a pursuer around; last for 240 seconds (Posts: 4) Incantation:"Dawn of earth, endless gust from the east, beacon absent from the sky, shadows mask; summon together and bend space."

14.Alchemist Decanter- Draws forth negative energy and toxins and poisons from the air, containing them into a formed crystalline container. Keeps drawing them in until stopped or the bottleis shattered.
Incantation: "Controllers of the elements, creators of the catalysts, manipulators of all things. Draw forth from the air, that which does not belong. Contain, control, harness, bring to my hand."

19. Frozen Sleep- Sends out a cloud of sparkling powder that freezes those it falls on. The larger the radius of the cloud, the lower the effects. (Posts: depends on the size) Incantation: Unknown

20. Holy Dyad of Opposition- Difficult to perform and execute. Spell for the purpose of purshing away rather than containing. (Good with projectile threats.) Incantation: "Mother of Science, hear my call. Minerva call forth the forces of nature to do my will, neither to bind or attract, but to repel."

39. Arc Shield (円閘扇, enkosen) — Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks. Incantation: unknown/none.

40. Pandora's Box- A ball of black energy forms between the hands, when then turned out, shoots forth. It forms a box around its struck target, limiting its movements to the close space. Incantation: "Woman of the night, endless curiosity. Aid me, hinder me. Darkness falls and evil escapes. The lid has been opened. Contain again, oh lady of the heaven, that which you have unleashed."

41. Gaia's Vines- A number of vines sprout from the earth to bind someone, strengthened by whatever elements are around. The number and size and strength of the vines varies on the wielder's strength. Incantation: "Path of light, trail of dark, entwine elements of old. Ancient forces of Earth divine, hear my call. Root my enemy with your Natural Ties."

42. Golden Sphere of Sacred Protection- Creates a golden sphere that expands with boundaries, so no objects outside of the sphere can be damaged, and only those with measurable spiritual energy could enter. Incantation: Unknown

49. Dam of the Relentless Flow- A design is drawn at the point. Used to slow an enemy at a certain location, can also be used to slow blood flow from a wound. Incantation: "10 repeating motions, a single law that moves them, may your movements be sluggish, so our eyes may follow."

57. Warped Space- Barrier extends out and folds space, warping the distance between two points to a single point. Held in one's hand to control it. Incantation: "One who controls space, guide me,
One who controls time, follow me,
One who controls dimension, be with me,
I call upon thee, oh guardians of all three,
With thy strength, protect me."

58. Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows (摑趾追雀, kakushitsuijaku) — Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude. Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."

60. Forsaken Siren- Area effect kidou. Brings forth a snow storm, freezing or slowing or attacking those in the area effected. Incantation: "Forsaken woman, send forth your anguish, shatter thy frozen heart and let loose a blizzard of your pain."

61. Six Rods Prison of Light (六杖光牢, rikujōkōrō) — Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"

62. Hundred Steps Fence (百歩欄干, hyapporankan) — A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile. Incantation: unknown/none.

63. Locking Bondage Stripes (鎖条鎖縛, sajo sabaku) — Binds the arms of a target. According to Hachigen Ushōda, physical strength alone should not be enough to brake level 60 Bakudō, however Kensei Muguruma was able to free himself from this kidō while in his hollow form. Incantation: unknown/none.

75. Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars (五柱鉄貫gochūtekkan) — Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground. Incantation: "Walls of ironsand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."

77. Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air (天挺空羅, tenteikūra) — Transmits messages to anyone within Soul Society. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages. Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."

82. Severing Void (斷空, danku) — Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. According to Byakuya, it is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89. However, it is also said to be forbidden by Tessai the former kido captain. Incantation: unknown/none.

90.Seiryuu’s Rapport- Moisture builds in the air and solidifies in front of the caster to form into a dragon, shooting towards the opponent to wrap them in reiatsu-enforced water. Incantation: "Weep for your sorrows. Weep for your anger. Weep for your vice. Face them and smile for joy as the waters of life hold them at bay."

99, Part 1. Seal (禁, kin) — Binds the arms of a target with spiritual fabric and iron shafts. Incantation: unknown/none.

99, Part 2. Great seal (卍禁, bankin)— This spell covers a target from head to toe with spiritual fabric (first song), stabs them with numerous metal blades (second song), and then smashes them with an immense metal cube (final song). Incantation: "First song: Halting Fabric. Second song: hundred linked bolts. Final song: Great seal of 10,000 forbiddings."
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PostSubject: Re: Existing Kidous   Existing Kidous Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 1:56 pm

Destructive (破道, hadō, literally "way of destruction") Spells
1. Thrust (衝, shō) — Pushes the target away from the caster. Incantation: unknown/none.

4. White Lightning (白雷, byakurai) — Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger. Incantation: unknown/none.

7. Abraxas Snake Whip- Creates a whip of black energy that can be snapped out to great lengths, slicing down and/or curling around what's in its path. Only lasts one or two whip cracks. Incantation: "Loa, Son on the Universe. Heed my cry, come to my aid against dark foe standing nigh. Sound of thunder strike, lash of darkness. Break from the chasm and coil to my hand!"

11. Shiva's Prayer- Shatters all glass in the vicinity, though the pieces don't harm people. Used as a scare tactic. Incantation: "Weave and lace, steam through the cracks, break and flare. Shatter those of ice. Adhere to my plea, o goddess."

12. Aten's Gift- A disc of light forms in the caster's hands, and its ray pierces the enemy. If the ray is not focused, it might fan out and hit other things, or burn instead of pierce. Incantation: "The light which is in the sun disc;
Ra, who is Horus of the two horizons;
In his name Shu: dryness, abandoned by Tefnut his sister;
But also in his name Shu: he who rises up."

19. Swath of the Jade Owl- Capable of creating up to a three foot blade of green energy with the slashing power of Asauchi, the nameless zanpakuto. Incantation: "Evening shade, bloody mist, jeweled eye of the bird. Carry the night, strike down upon thee. And know thy name."

25. Wrath of the Waning Moon- Creates a ball of energy to be hurled at the opponent in the outstretched palm. Incantation: Unknown

30. Arachne's Sniper- Uses part of clothing to create a silken arrow, strengthened by the reiatsu used to evoke the kidou. Incantation: Unknown

31. Shot of Red Fire (赤火砲, shakkahō) — Fires a ball of red energy at a target. Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bares the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"

33. Blue Fire, Crash Down (蒼火墜, sōkatsui) — Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power. Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bares the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."

35. Oblivion's Ray- Hands move through the air, forming a pentacle shape. A burst of light shoots from fingertips in a straight line. Three total to be fired. Incantation: "Light, shine, break; ray from the Goddess’s hand reach my own. Three lights, three days, shatter all that gets in your way. Pierce and descend from the heavens."

37. Carrion Chain- A void materializes in front of the caster, and a chain of flesh and bone shoots from it. Incantation: Unknown

43. Tarnished Cradle of Loki- Form hand into fist. Upon completion, the fist erupts into flame and the fire pours from around the knuckles, curling around whatever has been punched. Incantation: "Thirty-two sunrises overcome an eternal night, traversing over a contorted amber distance...
Flicker into existence, you who writhe in agony.
Shatter your bonds, reduce to ashes, plummet!"

49. Prelude to Zeus' Fury- Works well in stormy weather. A column of lightning crackles throughout the heavens and streamed to the earth, illuminating the caster as it bores a hole through the clouds and encases their body in rapid lightning, marking outstretched hand before the lightning disappeares. Say reflect to shoot lightning from their palm. Incantation: "Sing, roman god. Let the anger rise with each breath. Crackle in that tower of yours. Scream lightning, rumble thunder. Shift and mar the winds with fire."

50. Searing Wind of Eve- The wind howls by the caster, burning in a destructive force. Incantation: Unknown

51. Snow of the Pale Moon- A circle forms on the ground, and directly above in the air. Ice forms from the ground and then into a full column from the air. Works best when cast outside, using the zanpakuto to channel energy and direct it, and the moon above can be used as the top circle. Incantation: "The beginning dance of the endless white. Circle once, and circle again. And let the world fall."

54. Abolishing Flames (廃炎, haien) — Fires a blast of purple spiritual energy that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact. Incantation: unknown/none.

58. Orchid Sky (闐嵐, tenran) - A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target. ncantation: unknown/none

59. Tiger's Muted Agony- Creates a wave of crushing pressure that moves outwards from the caster Incantation: Unknown

61. Cloak of the Arctic- Creates a jagged path of ice shards that close in on the target. Incantation: "Essence of the north, grip of fear, razored edges."

63. Thunder Roar Cannon (雷吼炮, raikōhō) — Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target. Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

73. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down (双蓮蒼火墜, sōren sōkatsui) — Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety. Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bares the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

74. Rain of the Mourning Phoenix- Causes a cloud of fireballs to rain down upon the target. Incantation: "Plumed goddess, vivid sunset, embrace the all-consuming indulgence. Shed acid tears into the roar of the southern wind."

77. Erinyes Retribution- Raises five spires of stone from the ground that then twist about to drive back into the ground, impaling the target in the middle. Incantation: "Lift away from the ground, press the body into their shallow grave. Shed the skin of Gaia, cast your pain onto this sacrifice!"

88. Hidden Azure Dragon's Lightning Wave (飛竜撃賊震天雷砲, hiryuu gekizoukuu shinten raihou) — Fires a gigantic blast of spiritual energy resulting in a truly enormous explosion. Incantation: unknown/none.

91. Black Coffin (黒棺, kurohitsugi) — Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition. Incantation: unknown/none.

95. Dawn of Megiddo- The sky lights up with a surge of violet flame that storms down, turning the earth to scorched ash. Incantation: "Sinners run rampant. Darkness holds them just by their throats. Honor the vow to purge not with water but with fire for a new start." (FORBIDDEN FOR EVERYONE!)

Forbidden Kido
Temporal Stasis (時間停止, jikanteishi) — A forbidden spell used by Tessai along with kūkanten'i. It is a spell that halts time in a specific area.
Spatial Displacement (空間転位, kūkanten'i) — A forbidden spell used by Tessai with jikanteishi to teleport a specified portion of space from one point to another, transporting even other active kidō spells.

88. Danku - a forbidden spell that erects a barrier seemingly of some form of crystal. It is capable of stopping level 88 destructive kido spell.

These spells are not explicitly stated to be in one category or the other.

White Crawl (白伏, hakufuku) — Momo Hinamori uses this spell while imprisoned to knock out a guard and destroy everything within a certain radius of herself. The anime suggests that it is a binding spell, but doesn't number it.

Mirror Door (鏡門, kyōmon) — Tōshirō Hitsugaya used this to seal Momo Hinamori's hospital room. It creates a glass-like barrier which is difficult to break from the outside, but quite simple to break from the inside.

Reverse Demon (反鬼, hanki) — This technique nullifies an opponent's kidō by hitting them with a perfectly opposite surge of energy. Yoruichi uses this against Soifon's shunkō.

Kidō Cannon (鬼道砲, Kidōhō) — As the name suggests, the Kidō Cannon is basically a high-intensity energy weapon powered by kidō in Bleach: Memories of Nobody. It consists of a crystalline focus point attached to the top of a massive pole, with several smaller crystal structures circling up towards the main one. It is powered by hundreds of shinigami working in concert, creating an energy blast capable of obliterating a small dimension. The blast forms into several animal shapes which roar just before contact. The power of the blast is such that, in addition to destroying its target, it also causes a small amount of damage to both the human world and Soul Society. Despite its power, it is not a reusable weapon, as it burns into a pile of scrap after being fired.

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