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 Alado Coatl -- Metamorphisis

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Character's Name:: Alado Coatl

Alado Coatl -- Metamorphisis Empty
PostSubject: Alado Coatl -- Metamorphisis   Alado Coatl -- Metamorphisis Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Name: Alado Coatl

Age: Has been an arrancar for 200 years.

Race: Arrancar.

History: Alado was once a spanish man of Aztec decent living in japan. When he had his 20th birthday he took a trip to Aztec ruins and saw all the sites. It was there that he died, for at the top of a pyramid, he fell of and broke his spine basicly in two. When his spirit awoke, he saw that he was pushed by his his best friend, who was jealous of the fact Alado had a wealthy family. The betrayel ate away at him, until one day he became a hollow and ripped his old "friend" limb from limb. He eventually became an arrancar and rose through the ranks to become number 1 espada.
Not too long ago, he was standing in his room, looking out the window when he fell to the ground. He was going throught the Espada Metamorphisis. He is now more powerful than ever.

Appearence: Alado has white hair that's red near edges. His mask is the upper half, a snake head with an angelic halo and demonic horns. He wears usual espada attire. His hole is on his chest. His tattoo of the number 1 is on his back, its very large, and has a winged serpent wrapped around it.

Personality: He is a loud, energetic arrancar. He loves fighting and is remoursless and likes to play with his "food" (the opponent.) For some reason, he loves snakes and birds, go figure. They're pretty much the only thing he cares about.

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Alado Coatl -- Metamorphisis
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