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 The Story

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PostSubject: The Story   The Story Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 3:13 pm


Since the great war between the Arrancar and the Shinigami, all have died out. Soul Society is left to be governed by the noble clans. The noble clans have made Soul Society, a living hell. Many spirits have tried to overthrow the clans, to get Soul Society back to its original purpose, to bring peace. Few spirits have found the lost files from Central 46, and started a rebellion. They have gained Shinigami powers, but the powers they have gained are far greater than the original Gotei. They raided each of the four noble clans and kidnapped the leaders to discuss what would happen now. The noble leaders, saw that they were shinigami, gave back Soul Society, knowing that they would be outnumbered soon anyways. With the new government up from the advance shinigami race, a new story has begun. Will you protect Soul Society or will you be against it. You decide.


After 100 years, the Arrancar are back in business. This time more powerful than ever before. And they have a plan: Destroy the soul society and all else who oppose them. And with their new found powers, it is closer than any time in the past. They don't plan on losing this fight, and they won't show any mercy to the soul society. The Espada will stop at nothing to get what they desire, and that is complete control of all worlds.


Years after the reign of Aizen, the Quincy have re-grown their numbers and power. Many have stayed away from the shinigami yet there are few who have joined them. Because of this, the quincy have no side, they fight for what they think is right, protecting people and destroying hollows. Using the spiritual energy surrounding them the quincy have been able to make advance technology and with this newly made technology will do what it takes to survive, even if it means destroying an entire rase.


After the fall of the Shinigami and Arranacar the Vizards still stand. They grew in power as
more and more Shinigami fell to there hollows they trained them. Made them better, Stronger and Faster in tell the Vizards could not be stopped. They are still loyal to the man Urahara Kisuke and no longer care for Aizen. With the new rising of the Espada and Shinigami again they wait quietly in the streets, quite aware that some humans can see them now most people go about there way thinking its just a ghost or a illusion from exhaustion. The Vizards have been acting as the patrol-people for Karakura town while the shinigami were dead and made sure that nobody was hurt. They became stronger then the Arranacar and Shinigami then and are even stronger now. They were ready for any attack whatsoever and they would win.

We are Vizards, We Lived, We Loved, We Conquered


The Bounto are back and have new powers. They have better control of their dolls and are ready to rule the worlds. They are back from the edge of extinction after 100 years of isolation. The Bountos are feeding whenever they please on whoever they please. They have rebuilt the mansion bigger and better than ever before and are ready to rule. The body count from their hunger has reached the hundreds. Will you stop them? Will you join them? Will they rule? Or will they be brought back to extinction.


Recently, the intelligence department in Soul Society hit a rather interesting phenomenon involving human spiritual awareness. Almost all humans are capable of detecting ghost activity on some level, but there are those with a heightened sense of things, and it is them that Reiatsu flows into so easily. These spiritually advanced humans have developed strange powers and powerful souls, two things that a Hollow loves to digest most.

With the sudden spike in environmental Reiatsu, more and more of these humans are appearing, and with them come Hollow attacks. More Hollow attacks means more human death, which means more food for Hollows which means stronger Hollows which means more human death which means more food, which means stronger Hollows. The downward spiral continues.

Though Soul Society is at a loss for exactly why this is happening, they need to stall while they figure things out, sending in more Shinigami as a means of slowing the increase in Hollow numbers. However, this also leads to more humans, since a good deal near the Hollows during their destruction are capable of spiritual awareness, knowing of Shinigami. Not only that, but high spiritual awareness also helps to resist Shinigami memory wipes.

The Hollows are growing more and more restless by the day, and their hunger growing ever deeper. Something must be done.

By: Admins and Mods

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The Story
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