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 Character Template

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Character's Name:: Alado Coatl

PostSubject: Character Template   Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:05 pm

To make no confusion at all and easy to know what race you character is, you must add [your race] in your thread; ex: Shade Shadow [SHINIGAMI], please follow this..

Name: Character name

Age: Do I have to tell you?

Visual Age: For Shinigami and Vizards only.

Race: Vizard, Shinigami, Bount, Quincy, or Arrancar.

History: Atleast a paragraph.

Appearence: What your character looks like.

Personality: How your character acts.

Division/Ex-Division: For shinigami and Vizards only



[b]Visual Age:[/b]






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Character's Name:: Taiken Radnix

PostSubject: Re: Character Template   Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:16 pm

Human Psychic Template

Name: First and Last
Age: How old you are
Type: Psychic
Affiliation: Who does this character run with?
Appearance: can post a picture or link instead of typing it up.

Fighting Style: do you fight with martial arts, your powers, speed?

Speed - How fast you are
Power - how well you use your ability
Strength - How strong you are and how powerful your attacks are


Personality: How your character acts in battle and everything

[b]Age: [/b]

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]

[b]Speed -[/b]
[b]Power - [/b]
[b]Strength -[/b]



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Character Template
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