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Character's Name:: Taiken Radnix

PostSubject: TAIKEN RADNIX   Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:45 pm


Age: 18 years old

Visual Age (for Shinigamis and Vaizard only): unknown

Race: Shinigami


Little is known of Taiken's past beyond the Gotei, even to him; what is known is that Taiken joined the Gotei after the last CC lead the Gotei to victory against the the last war. Due to the reorganization of the Gotei and the appointment of the first generation of Captains at the time, Taiken was one of many Shinigami who was initially never assigned a division. Taiken grew quickly within the Gotei's ranks and by the time he was finally assigned to the 2nd Division, he was of Vice-Captain level capacity but was assigned the rank of 3rd Seat. It was only a month later when Taiken, along with his co-shinigami, encountered Emptybone's 8th Espada, Anthracite, as well as Petycon and engaged it in a brief scrimmage. After reporting it to their Captain, it was only a short time later when Taiken engaged it once again, this time during Emptybone's Second Siege of Seireitei. Despite revealing his Ban Kai for the first time, Taiken was unable to best the beast and was severely wounded in the battle.

It was after his recovery later when Taiken began to truly hone his skills as a Kidou user and became one of the first members of the new Kidoushuu. A short time after that, Taiken was ultimately promoted to the rank of Captain of the 5th Division. Taiken's reign was remarkably ordinary even through Shinkou's Offensive attack against Emptybones in Hueco Mundo, where he and his long-ranged division was relegated to rear-line support. During the finale of the battle, Taiken, in tandem with some Shinigamis, fought against the Vizard Zeitgeist and learned of the empty Throne of the Worlds. It was following this battle that Taiken began to rise to prominence - with the CC and a number of Captain's desertion, many Captain slots were left unfilled. . It would be many months after that, just following the Siege of the Gotei by the combined Arrancar and Sin Qua Nona forces, that Taiken finally abandoned the Gotei. Taiken remained quiet as many Captains do until the La Lluvia Incident. After hearing about the split of the Gotei, Taiken approached the Central 46 and was instated as a Judicator to prove his loyalty. Central 46 had initially intended to turn him into it's dog but this backfired when, after the final battle, Taiken was agreed upon to be the next Commander-General of the Gotei. He never filled this position, however, and disappeared into Rukongai a short while later.


At first glance, Taiken appears to be a very content man. His grinning visage is almost never-ending and very contagious. He generally works with a very positive attitude and rarely shows anger or displeasure with others. His very nature appears to be extremely generous and giving, which many believe is the very reason for the nature of his squad's specialization. And, indeed, Radnix is generally happy with how things are going.

It is only beyond this that lies the true nature of Taiken Radnix. As it is with all men, first impressions may be the strongest but they are often the most incorrect. As one gets to know and interact more with Taiken, a glaring inconsistency makes itself known. The man called Taiken Radnix has no known associates, family, or friends. It is true that he has comrades - a few men and women he has grown with over the years - and he has subordinates and those equal to him in rank and strength, but Taiken has nobody he is truly close with and how can a man be really content without that?

They can't. Not really. It would be wrong to say that he isn't a positive person, but 'happiness' is something that Taiken left behind years ago when his friends and family all faded into nothing. In it's place, there was left an almost instinctive urge to protect - to protect the innocents most of all but to protect those that have some meaning to him as well. Taiken's time within Rukongai has also changed him. He seems more aware of the cruelty around him that is inherent in the world and far less tolerant of it and thus it is part of his purpose to help remedy this. These concepts are so basic and natural to him that there is little doubt in his mind that he will do anything necessary to fulfill them.

Despite his outgoing and friendly demeanor, Radnix has a few things he generally dislikes. The most obvious of these are both Hollows and Hybrids, as it is the same dislike that many of his colleagues have. Beyond that, he also has a weariness around both the Central 46, whom he considers to be negligent, and noble families, whom he considers to be arrogant.


Division: 5th Division Captain

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Character's Name:: Alado Coatl

PostSubject: Re: TAIKEN RADNIX   Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:46 pm


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